Continental ContiWinterContact TS850 P Run Flat

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Winter Winter
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225/55R16 (Runflat) (BSW) 03539080000  95 H

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225/45R18 (Runflat) (BSW) 03539070000  95 H

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For winter driving with performance in mind. Designed for mid-sized and luxury vehicles and SUVs, the ContiWinterContactTM TS850 P offers exceptional braking power and enhanced traction on wet and icy roads.

  • Sipe and block orientation focused on lateral direction:
    Higher number of grip edges and maximal collection of snow in grooves and sipes for increased snow friction
  • High number of blocks and sipes in longitudinal direction:
    Enhanced snow traction and shorter braking distances on snow
  • Variation of sipe amplitude depending on pattern depth in outside shoulder block; Small grooves between angled blocks and reduced sidewall length:
    Cornering stiffness and direct steering response for improved dry handling performance
  • Interrupted band structure with linked blocks in footprint:
    Significantly reduced stopping distances on dry surfaces
  • High block rigidity in tread bands in the circumferential direction, high number of sipes and blocks:
    Significantly reduced stopping distances on wet surfaces

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ContiWinterContact TS850 P Run Flat

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