Dunlop SP Sport MAXX RT

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205/45R17 (BSW) 265029326 240-AA-A88 W
205/45R17 (BSW) 265029327 240-AA-A88 W
225/45ZR17 (BSW) 265029302 240-AA-A91 Y
225/45ZR17XL (BSW) 265029301 240-AA-A94 Y
225/50R17XL (BSW) 265029333 240-AA-A98 Y
225/50R17 (BSW) 265029304 240-AA-A94 Y
225/55R17 (BSW) 265029305 240-AA-A97 Y
235/45R17 (BSW) 265029322 240-AA-A94 W
235/45R17XL (BSW) 265029303 240-AA-A97 Y
245/40R17 (BSW) 265029300 240-AA-A91 Y
205/40R18XL (BSW) 265029328 240-AA-A86 W
225/40ZR18XL (BSW) 265029306 240-AA-A92 Y
225/45R18 (BSW) 265029335 240-AA-A95 Y
235/40ZR18XL (BSW) 265029307 240-AA-A95 Y
245/35ZR18 (BSW) 265029313 240-AA-A92 Y
245/40ZR18XL (BSW) 265029308 240-AA-A97 Y
245/40R18XL (BSW) 265029323 240-AA-A97 W
245/45ZR18XL (BSW) 265029309 240-AA-A100 Y
255/35ZR18XL (BSW) 265029312 240-AA-A94 Y
225/40R19 (BSW) 265029332 240-AA-A93 Y
235/35ZR19XL (BSW) 265029321 240-AA-A91 Y
235/35ZR19XL (BSW) 265029311 240-AA-A91 Y
235/35R19 (BSW) 265029329 240-AA-A91 Y
245/35ZR19XL (BSW) 265029330 240-AA-A93 Y
245/45ZR19 (BSW) 265029317 240-AA-A98 Y
245/45R19XL (BSW) 265029319 240-AA-A102 Y
255/30ZR19XL (BSW) 265029314 240-AA-A91 Y
255/35R19 (BSW) 265029334 240-AA-A96 Y
255/35ZR19XL (BSW) 265029315 240-AA-A96 Y
255/40ZR19XL (BSW) 265029310 240-AA-A100 Y
265/35ZR19 (BSW) 265029331 240-AA-A98 Y
275/40R19 (BSW) 265029320 240-AA-A101 Y
275/40ZR19 (BSW) 265029318 240-AA-A101 Y
285/30ZR19XL (BSW) 265029316 240-AA-A98 Y
285/30ZR20 (BSW) 265029325 240-AA-A99 Y
275/30ZR21 (BSW) 265029900 240-AA-A98 Y

An ultra high performance tire with grip and braking developed at the race track.

  • The adaptive tread compound helps deliver racing grip and improved braking performance
  • Massive outer shoulder blocks help promote increased stability and sure handling when cornering
  • Power braking blocks help enhance stopping power for shorter braking distance at high speeds
  • A low weight construction helps lower rolling resistance for better performance
  • Eligible for the Highway Auto and Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty.

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