Falken Espia EPZ2 SUV

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215/70R16 (BLK) 28409969  100 R
215/65R17 (BLK) 28404905  99 R
225/60R17 (BLK) 28407747  99 R
225/65R17 (BLK) 28409020  102 R
235/60R17 (BLK) 28402960  102 R
235/65R17XL (BLK) 28408092  108 R
265/70R17 (BLK) 28401905  115 R
225/60R18 (BLK) 28401235  100 R
235/55R18 (BLK) 28401449  100 R
235/60R18XL (BLK) 28403995  107 R
255/55R18XL (BLK) 28405731  109 R
275/55R20 (BLK) 28404196  113 R

  • NEWLY ENHANCED 3D CANYON SIPE TECHNOLOGY: increases ice braking, and enhances snow, wet and dry handling by allowing more edges per tread block, yet still provides individual block rigidity by working together to support each other, suppressing block flex.
  • WIDE CIRCUMFERENTIAL GROOVES: channel water away from the tread for consistent contact with the road surface, increasing wet traction and driver confidence.
  • STABILITY BARS: Keep the tread blocks stable while cornering providing confident handling.
  • HIGH DENSITY SIPES: move water and snow away from the tread surface creating biting edges for continuous road connection.
  • DIRECTIONAL TREAD DESIGN: built for wet weather performance, the directional tread design improves hydroplaning resistance by quickly dispersing water.
  • WIDE LATERAL GROOVES: work together with deep pockets built into the outside shoulder to allow more snow to pack into the tread, clearing the road surface quicker for increased snow traction in slushy or deep snow conditions.

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Espia EPZ2 SUV

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