Federal Formoza AZ01

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155/60R15 (BSW) 985H5A 380-A-A74 H
165/55R15 (BSW) 986I5A 380-A-A75 V
175/55R15 (BSW) 987I5A 380-A-A77 H
175/65R15 (BSW) 987G5A 380-A-A84 H
185/55R15 (BSW) 988I5A 380-A-A82 H
195/50R15 (BSW) 989J5A 380-A-A82 V
195/55R15 (BSW) 989I5A 380-A-A85 V
205/50R15 (BSW) 980J5A 380-A-A86 V
205/55R15 (BSW) 980I5A 380-A-A88 V
205/65R15 (BSW) 980G5A 380-A-A95 H
165/50R16 (BSW) 986J6A 380-A-A75 V
185/55R16 (BSW) 988I6A 380-A-A83 V
195/45R16XL (BSW) 989K6A 380-A-A84 V
195/50R16 (BSW) 989J6A 380-A-A84 V
195/55R16 (BSW) 989I6A 380-A-A87 V
195/55RF16 (BSW) A19I6A 380-A-A87 V
195/60R16 (BSW) 989H6A 380-A-A89 H
205/45ZR16XL (BSW) 980K6B 380-A-A87 W
205/50R16 (BSW) 980J6A 380-A-A87 V
205/55R16 (BSW) 980I6B 380-A-A91 V
205/55ZR16XL (BSW) 980I6A 380-A-A94 W
205/55ZRF16 (BSW) A10I6B 380-A-A91 W
205/60R16 (BSW) 980H6A 380-A-A92 V
215/55ZR16XL (BSW) 98AI6A 380-A-A97 W
215/60R16XL (BSW) 98AH6A 380-A-A99 V
215/65R16 (BSW) 98AG6A 380-A-A98 H
225/50ZR16 (BSW) 98BJ6A 380-A-A92 W
225/55ZR16XL (BSW) 98BI6A 380-A-A99 W
205/50ZR17XL (BSW) 980J7A 380-A-A93 W
205/55R17 (BSW) 980I7A 380-A-A91 V
215/50ZR17XL (BSW) 98AJ7A 380-A-A95 W
215/55R17 (BSW) 98AI7A 380-A-A94 V
215/60R17 (BSW) 98AH7A 380-A-A96 H
225/45ZR17 (BSW) 98BK7A 380-A-A91 W
225/45ZRF17 (BSW) A1BK7B 380-A-A91 W
225/50ZR17XL (BSW) 98BJ7A 380-A-A98 W
225/55ZR17XL (BSW) 98BI7A 380-A-A101 W
235/45ZR17XL (BSW) 98CK7A 380-A-A97 W
245/40ZR17 (BSW) 98DL7A 380-A-A91 W
245/45ZR17 (BSW) 98DK7A 380-A-A95 W
225/40ZR18XL (BSW) 98BL8A 380-A-A92 W
225/45ZR18XL (BSW) 98BK8A 380-A-A95 W
235/40ZR18XL (BSW) 98CL8A 380-A-A95 W
245/40ZR18 (BSW) 98DL8A 380-A-A93 W
245/45ZR18 (BSW) 98DK8A 380-A-A100 W

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Formoza AZ01

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