Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3

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205/40R17XL (BL) 783446388 300-AA-A84 W

225/45R17 (BSW) 783991388 300-AA-A91 Y

235/45R17XL (BSW) 783938388 300-AA-A97 Y

225/40R18XL (BL) 783163388 300-AA-A92 Y
245/35R18XL (BL) 783457388 300-AA-A92 Y
245/40R18XL (BL) 783458388 300-AA-A97 Y

255/35R18XL (BL) 783143388 300-AA-A94 Y

255/45R18XL (BSW) 783935388 300-AA-A103 Y

275/35R18XL (BL) 783461388 300-AA-A99 Y

225/35R19XL (BL) 783448388 300-AA-A88 Y

235/35R19XL (BSW) 783993388 300-AA-A91 Y
255/30R19XL (BL) 783459388 300-AA-A91 Y
255/35R19XL (BL) 783494388 300-AA-A96 Y

255/40R19XL (BL) 783499388 300-AA-A100 Y
265/45ZR19XL (BL) 783859388 300-AA-A105 Y

285/30R19XL (BL) 783490388 300-AA-A98 Y

295/40ZR19XL (BL) 783917388 300-AA-A108 Y
255/35R20XL (BL) 783363388 300-AA-A97 Y

265/35R22XL (BL) 783407388 300-AA-A102 W
265/35R22XL (BL) 783407394 300-AA-A102 W

285/35R22XL (BL) 783411388 300-AA-A106 W
285/35R22XL (BL) 783411394 300-AA-A106 W

A premium ultra high-performance summer tire for commanding traction and precise handling in wet and dry conditions

  • Asymmetric tread pattern offers powerful traction in turns and enhanced wet traction
  • Grip-boosting tread compound enhances road adhesion for superior traction
  • Advanced construction Tuned for ultra high-performance suspension systems
  • Solid Center Rib Helps to provide quick response and accurate on-center feel
  • Eligible for the Highway Auto and Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty.

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Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3

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