Nexen N-FERA AU7

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205/55ZR16 (BW) 14208NXK 500-AA-A91 W
205/45ZR17 (BW) 15625NXK 500-AA-A84 W
205/50ZR17XL (BW) 14404NXK 500-AA-A93 W
215/45ZR17XL (BW) 14403NXK 500-AA-A91 W
215/50ZR17XL (BW) 15227NXK 500-AA-A95 W
215/55ZR17 (BW) 14401NXK 500-AA-A94 W
225/45ZR17XL (BW) 15113NXK 500-AA-A94 W
225/50ZR17XL (BW) 14400NXK 500-AA-A98 W
225/55ZR17 (BW) 14402NXK 500-AA-A97 W
235/45ZR17XL (BW) 15228NXK 500-AA-A97 W
235/55ZR17 (BW) 15626NXK 500-AA-A99 W
245/40ZR17 (BW) 14419NXK 500-AA-A91 W
245/45ZR17XL (BW) 15229NXK 500-AA-A99 W
215/40ZR18 (BW) 15627NXK 500-AA-A85 W
215/45ZR18 (BW) 14416NXK 500-AA-A89 W
225/40ZR18XL (BW) 14422NXK 500-AA-A92 W
225/45ZR18XL (BW) 14412NXK 500-AA-A95 Y
225/50ZR18XL (BW) 14406NXK 500-AA-A99 W
235/40ZR18XL (BW) 15231NXK 500-AA-A95 W
235/45ZR18XL (BW) 15230NXK 500-AA-A98 W
235/50ZR18 (BW) 15114NXK 500-AA-A97 W
245/40ZR18XL (BW) 14411NXK 500-AA-A97 W
245/45ZR18XL (BW) 14410NXK 500-AA-A100 W
245/50ZR18 (BW) 15628NXK 500-AA-A100 W
255/35ZR18XL (BW) 15232NXK 500-AA-A94 W
255/40ZR18 (BW) 14421NXK 500-AA-A95 Y
255/45ZR18 (BW) 14414NXK 500-AA-A99 W
275/35ZR18 (BW) 15636NXK 500-AA-A95 Y
225/45ZR19XL (BW) 14418NXK 500-AA-A96 W
235/40ZR19XL (BW) 15234NXK 500-AA-A96 W
235/45ZR19 (BW) 15629NXK 500-AA-A95 W
245/40ZR19XL (BW) 14420NXK 500-AA-A98 Y
245/45ZR19XL (BW) 14415NXK 500-AA-A102 W
255/35ZR19XL (BW) 15630NXK 500-AA-A96 Y
255/40ZR19XL (BW) 14423NXK 500-AA-A100 Y
255/45ZR19 (BW) 15233NXK 500-AA-A100 W
275/35ZR19 (BW) 15631NXK 500-AA-A96 Y
275/40ZR19 (BW) 15633NXK 500-AA-A101 Y
225/35ZR20XL (BW) 15637NXK 500-AA-A90 W
245/35ZR20XL (BW) 15638NXK 500-AA-A95 Y
245/35ZR20XL (BW) 13515NXK 500-AA-A95 Y
245/40ZR20XL (BW) 15624NXK 500-AA-A99 Y
245/45ZR20XL (BW) 14413NXK 500-AA-A103 W
245/45ZR20XL (BW) 15090NXK 500-AA-A103 Y
255/35ZR20XL (BW) 14110NXK 500-AA-A97 Y
255/35ZR20XL (BW) 15634NXK 500-AA-A97 Y
275/30ZR20XL (BW) 12716NXK 500-AA-A97 Y
275/35ZR20XL (BW) 14113NXK 500-AA-A102 Y
275/35ZR20XL (BW) 15635NXK 500-AA-A102 Y
285/30ZR20XL (BW) 13513NXK 500-AA-A99 Y
235/30ZR22XL (BW) 14757NXK 500-AA-A90 Y
245/30ZR22XL (BW) 14647NXK 500-AA-A92 Y
265/30ZR22XL (BW) 14648NXK 500-AA-A97 Y
295/25ZR22XL (BW) 14646NXK 500-AA-A97 Y
255/30ZR24XL (BW) 14756NXK 500-AA-A97 Y
275/25ZR24XL (BW) 14754NXK 500-AA-A96 Y
275/30ZR24XL (BW) 14755NXK 500-AA-A101 Y

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Warranty summary for replacement tires purchased on or after 01/Feb/2016

Treadlife Warranty


Uniformity Warranty

1 Year / first 2/32" of wear (1)

Workmanship Materials Warranty

6 Years / Free replacement first year, 2/32" then prorated until 2/32" remaining depth (2)

Manufacturers Road Hazard Warranty

See Manufacturer Warranty Brochure

Manufacturer Warranty Brochure

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Manufacturer Special Warranty

3 Year Roadside Assistance

Special Notes:

Warranty information provided may be innacurate, or may be out of date. Please see official manufacturer's warranty brochure for specific details.

New vehicle Original Equipment tire warranties often differ from those covering replacement tires. Consult your vehicle documents to confirm Original Equipment tire warranty coverage.

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