Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season 2811700

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Specs: 275/45R20XL
Product Code: 2811700
UTQG: 500-A-A
Speed Rating: H
Load Index: 110
UPC: 054137069713

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275/45R20XL 2811700 500-A-A110 H

The Scorpion™ Zero All Season has been chosen by the best car makers to equip their SUV’s.

The New Scorpion™ Zero All Season has been developed to maximize performance during all seasons, in every driving condition, also on light snow-covered roads. The Scorpion™ Zero All Season has been chosen by the best car makers to equip their SUVs. The Scorpion™ Zero All Season is also available with PNCS, a technology able to reduce the noise inside the vehicle thanks to a sound absorbing device applied to the inside circumferential wall of the tire, reducing cavity noise.

  • TREAD DESIGN: Curved sipes in the internal blocks allow a better traction on snow, leading to increased safety and control. High sipe density: circa 100 feet of sipes (93% more than the Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico) provide excellent grip and traction in winter season, resulting in a great performance in the presence of snow. Optimized tread design with curved grooves and bridges leads to noticeable noise reduction for improved driving comfort. Four longitudinal grooves for an excellent water expulsion and the external one being smaller to provide pattern adaptability for increased safety on dry surfaces. Lower tread depth to increase dry braking performance without compromising wear performance.
  • INTERNAL SPECIFICATIONS: Tread compound: high silica content with the latest generation of polymer that improves polymer/filler interaction and provides an excellent balance of performance (snow/wet/ RR/wear). Special additives optimize curing and mechanical properties. New body compounds designed for low heat generation place special focus on RR reduction without compromising integrity, regardless of the heavy weight and speed SUVs tires have to bear. New compound mixing process (PTSM) improves ingredient dispersion and reactivity to increase the versatility of the tire, improving wet performance on a wider temperature range and rolling resistance. A new flatter profile has been designed through computer modeling to optimize pressure distribution on footprint to maximize braking and wear performance.

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Scorpion Zero All Season

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