Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06


Price Range:  USD $119.20 to $344.04

All Season

Passenger Cars /All Season/Ultra High Performance

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The ExtremeContact DWS 06 (DWS for Dry, Wet & Snow) is Continental's Ultra High Performance All-Season radial developed for drivers of sports cars, sports coupes, performance sedans and sport trucks. Designed to satisfy year-round driving needs, ExtremeContact DWS 06 tires blend dry and wet road performance with wintertime slush and snow traction.

ExtremeContact DWS 06 tires feature Continental's SportPlus Technology, which combines enhanced handling, wet traction and wear. An advanced silica-enhanced all-season tread compound featuring +Silane additives increase wet grip and extend treadlife. This compound is molded into a unique asymmetrical tread design featuring Continental's Chamfered Edges that help deliver maximum tread contact in dry conditions while Traction Grooves (ridges in the bottom of the tread grooves) enhance three-dimensional snow traction. Outboard shoulder macro blocks enhance responsiveness and cornering stability. Central independent blocks with X-sipes, separated by high-angle, crisscross grooves provide the biting edges necessary to promote all-direction traction on wet roads and in light snow. Independent inboard shoulder blocks help disperse water to further hydroplaning resistance and foul-weather traction.

ExtremeContact DWS 06 tires feature QuickView indicators to help identify vehicle misalignment concerns early in the tire's life before wear patterns form, as well as confirm suitability for different driving condition through Tuned Performance Indicators. Tuned Performance Indicators are visible letters molded into the second rib from the outboard shoulder to alert drivers of the tire's performance levels. A visible "DWS" indicates the tire has appropriate tread depth for dry conditions, as well as wet roads and snow. After the "S" has worn away, the remaining "DW" indicates the tire only has appropriate tread depth for dry and most wet road conditions. And after the "W" and "S" have both worn away, the remaining "D" indicates the tire has appropriate tread depth for dry conditions only.

The tire's internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wound jointless nylon cap plies to provide long-term integrity under high-speed conditions while reducing weight and helping to provide more uniform ride quality.

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Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06
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These tires are absolutely the worst tires I have ever bought. Ever since I put these tires on my car it is absolutely unsettled and wanders or hunts no matter the conditions... in the dry or wet or snow its is absolutely down right dangerous. STAY AWAY FROM THESE TIRES! Awesome dry tire on the corners...if it starts raining...get off of the road immediately. Not joking. I will probably have to get a new car now...waiting for the insurance company can guess the rest. My guess is...RIP to my formally Fully loaded and very well maintained 2004 Dodge Stratus R/T 3.0 Black Coupe I have babied since 5 miles on it. Car was pristine and now 120 k later... :( I was running Matt Black 18 " Mr131 Traklites...

Size: 215/50R17

Vehicle: 2004 Dodge Stratus 2 Dr Coupe R/T with 14481 KM of Tire Wear

Anonymous made this review on 1/14/2020 and is a Confident, Experienced Driver

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Pleased with my choice so far. I'll have to wait for some more miles to add up to evaluate the wear index.

Size: 255/45R20


Anonymous made this review on 12/8/2019 and is a Confident, Experienced Driver

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195/50ZR16 (BSW) 15499510000 560-AA-A84 W
205/45ZR16 (BSW) 15499520000 560-AA-A83 W
205/50ZR16 (BSW) 15499530000 560-AA-A87 W

Sold Out

205/55ZR16 (BSW) 15499550000 560-AA-A91 W
215/55ZR16 (BSW) 15499560000 560-AA-A93 W
225/50ZR16 (BSW) 15499570000 560-AA-A92 W
225/55ZR16 (BSW) 15499580000 560-AA-A95 W
205/45ZR17 (BSW) 15499590000 560-AA-A88 W
205/50ZR17 (BSW) 15499600000 560-AA-A93 W
215/45ZR17 (BSW) 15499610000 560-AA-A91 W
215/50ZR17 (BSW) 15499620000 560-AA-A95 W
215/55ZR17 (BSW) 15499630000 560-AA-A94 W
225/45ZR17 (BSW) 15499640000 560-AA-A91 W
225/50ZR17 (BSW) 15499650000 560-AA-A94 W
225/55ZR17 (BSW) 15499660000 560-AA-A97 W
235/45ZR17 (BSW) 15499670000 560-AA-A94 W
235/50ZR17 (BSW) 15499680000 560-AA-A96 W
235/55ZR17 (BSW) 15499690000 560-AA-A99 W
245/40ZR17 (BSW) 15499700000 560-AA-A91 W
245/45ZR17 (BSW) 15499710000 560-AA-A99 Y
245/50ZR17 (BSW) 15499720000 560-AA-A99 W
255/40ZR17 (BSW) 15499730000 560-AA-A94 W
255/45ZR17 (BSW) 15499740000 560-AA-A98 W
215/40ZR18 (BSW) 15499750000  89 Y
215/45ZR18 (BSW) 15499760000 560-AA-A93 Y
225/40ZR18 (BSW) 15499770000 560-AA-A92 Y
225/45ZR18 (BSW) 15499780000 560-AA-A91 Y
225/50ZR18 (BSW) 15499790000 560-AA-A95 W

Sold Out

235/40ZR18 (BSW) 15499800000 560-AA-A95 Y
235/45ZR18 (BSW) 15499810000 560-AA-A98 Y
235/50ZR18 (BSW) 15499820000 560-AA-A97 W
235/55ZR18 (BSW) 15499830000 560-AA-A100 W
235/60ZR18XL (BSW) 15508380000 560-AA-A107 W

Sold Out

245/35ZR18 (BSW) 15499840000 560-AA-A92 Y
245/40ZR18 (BSW) 15499850000 560-AA-A97 Y
245/45ZR18 (BSW) 15499860000 560-AA-A100 Y
245/50ZR18 (BSW) 15508390000 560-AA-A100 W

Sold Out

245/55ZR18 (BSW) 15495350000 560-AA-A103 W

Sold Out

255/35ZR18 (BSW) 15499870000 560-AA-A94 Y
255/40ZR18 (BSW) 15499880000 560-AA-A99 Y
255/45ZR18 (BSW) 15499890000 560-AA-A103 Y
255/55ZR18 (BSW) 15499900000 560-A-A109 W
265/35ZR18 (BSW) 15499910000 560-AA-A97 Y
265/40ZR18 (BSW) 15499920000 560-AA-A101 Y
275/35ZR18 (BSW) 15499930000 560-AA-A95 Y
275/40ZR18 (BSW) 15499940000 560-AA-A99 Y
285/35ZR18 (BSW) 15499950000 560-AA-A101 A
295/35ZR18 (BSW) 15499960000 560-AA-A99 Y
225/40ZR19 (BSW) 15499970000 560-AA-A93 Y
225/45ZR19 (BSW) 15499980000 560-AA-A92 W
235/35ZR19 (BSW) 15499990000 560-AA-A91 Y
235/55ZR19XL (BSW) 15495380000 560-AA-A105 W

Sold Out

245/35ZR19 (BSW) 15500000000 560-AA-A93 Y
245/40ZR19 (BSW) 15500010000 560-AA-A98 Y
245/45ZR19 (BSW) 15500020000 560-AA-A98 Y
245/50ZR19 (BSW) 15500030000 560-A-A105 Y
255/35ZR19 (BSW) 15500040000 560-AA-A96 Y
255/40ZR19 (BSW) 15500050000 560-AA-A100 Y
255/50ZR19 (BSW) 15500060000 560-A-A107 W
265/30ZR19 (BSW) 15500070000 560-AA-A93 Y
265/35ZR19XL (BSW) 15500080000 560-AA-A98 Y
275/30ZR19 (BSW) 15500090000 560-AA-A96 Y
275/35ZR19 (BSW) 15500110000 560-AA-A100 Y
275/40ZR19 (BSW) 15500120000 560-AA-A101 Y
275/45ZR19 (BSW) 15500130000 560-A-A108 W
285/30ZR19 (BSW) 15500140000 560-AA-A98 Y
285/35ZR19 (BSW) 15500160000 560-AA-A99 Y
235/45ZR20XL (BSW) 15495400000 560-AA-A100 W

Sold Out

245/35ZR20XL (BSW) 15500170000 560-AA-A95 Y
245/40ZR20XL (BSW) 15500180000 560-AA-A99 Y

Sold Out

245/45ZR20 (BSW) 15500190000 560-AA-A103 Y
255/35ZR20XL (BSW) 15500200000 560-AA-A97 W
255/45ZR20 (BSW) 15500210000 560-A-A105 Y
255/50ZR20XL (BSW) 15500220000 560-A-A109 Y
265/35ZR20 (BSW) 15500230000 560-AA-A99 Y
265/45ZR20 (BSW) 15500240000 560-A-A104 Y
275/30ZR20 (BSW) 15500250000 560-AA-A97 Y
275/35R20 (BSW) 15500260000 560-AA-A102 Y
275/40ZR20XL (BSW) 15500270000 560-A-A106 Y
275/45ZR20 (BSW) 15500280000 560-AA-A110 W
285/30ZR20 (BSW) 15500290000 560-AA-A99 W
295/40ZR20 (BSW) 15500300000 560-A-A110 W
315/35ZR20XL (BSW) 15500310000 560-A-A110 Y
245/35ZR21XL (BSW) 15495420000 560-AA-A96 Y

Sold Out

285/30ZR21XL (BSW) 15495660000 560-AA-A100 Y

Sold Out

295/35R21 (BSW) 15500320000 560-AA-A107 Y
295/40ZR21 (BSW) 15500330000 560-AA-A111 Y
255/30ZR22XL (BSW) 15500340000 560-AA-A95 Y

Temporarily Unavailable.

265/30ZR22 (BSW) 15500350000 560-AA-A97 Y
265/35ZR22XL (BSW) 15500360000 560-AA-A102 W
265/40ZR22 (BSW) 15500370000 560-A-A106 W
285/30ZR22 (BSW) 15500380000 560-AA-A101 Y
285/35ZR22XL (BSW) 15500390000 560-A-A106 W
295/25ZR22 (BSW) 15500400000 560-AA-A97 Y