Cooper Trendsetter SE


Price Range:  USD $60.99 to $90.99

All Season

Passenger Cars /All Season/Economy

Does This Tire Fit?

The Trendsetter SE™ is Cooper´s entry level all-season tire line targeted to the value-oriented consumer. The affordably priced Trendsetter SE™ is available in sizes that fit a wide range of older to later model automobiles.

  • All-Season "Block" Tread Design. Squared-off tread elements form an effective gripping edge for excellent year-round traction. This modern-looking radial will perform well in wet and dry weather.
  • Variable Pitched Tread Elements. Computer-designed to reduce noise, the different sized elements work to provide a quiet-running tire at highway speeds.
  • Dual Compound Tread. A high-mileage tread cap compound is supported by a highly resilient base compound. Working in tandem, this capbase system promotes excellent durability and low rolling resistance.
  • Black And White Sidewalls. Available in scuff-resistant white sidewall in selected sizes:
    Call for availability.

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Trendsetter SE

155/80R13 (BSW) 1320C 440-A-B79 S
175/70R13 (BSW) 2907C 440-A-B82 S
185/70R13 (BSW) 2908C 440-A-B85 S
175/65R14 (BSW) 2918C 440-A-B81 S
175/70R14 (BSW) 2926C 440-A-B84 S
185/65R14 (BSW) 2919C 440-A-B85 S
185/70R14 (BSW) 2909C 440-A-B87 S
185/75R14 (BSW) 1305C 440-A-B89 S
195/70R14 (BSW) 2910C 440-A-B90 S
195/75R14 (BSW) 1306C 440-A-B92 S
205/70R14 (BSW) 2914C 440-A-B93 S
205/75R14 (BSW) 90000008026 440-A-B95 S
215/70R14 (BSW) 2904C 440-A-B96 S
195/65R15 (BSW) 2915C 440-A-B89 S
205/65R15 (BSW) 2916C 440-A-B92 S
205/70R15 (WSW) 2905C 440-A-B95 S
205/70R15 (BLK) 2911C 440-A-B95 S
205/75R15 (WSW) 1310C 440-A-B97 S
215/65R15 (BSW) 2917C 440-A-B95 S
215/70R15 (WSW) 2906C 440-A-B97 S
215/75R15 (WSW) 1311C 440-A-B100 S
225/70R15 (BSW) 2912C 440-A-B100 S
225/75R15 (BSW) 1312C 440-A-B102 S
235/75R15 (WSW) 1313C 440-A-B105 S
205/55R16 (BSW) 2932C 440-A-B89 S
215/60R16 (BSW) 2935C 440-A-B94 S
225/60R16 (BSW) 2936C 440-A-B97 S