Cooper Zeon ZPT


Price Range:  USD $87.99 to $185.99

All Season

Passenger Cars /All Season/Premium

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The Zeon ZPT™ is a premium all-season performance tire targeted to the "tuner" market. The ZPT provides a high-performance "look" at an affordable price. It is especially suited for foreign and domestic compacts that have undergone tire and wheel "plus fitment" upgrades.

  • Directional Tread. This performance radial meets H-rated speed criteria on indoor wheel tests.
  • All-Season. With a deep tread depth and high void ratio, this all-season design provides excellent traction in all types of weather conditions throughout the year.
  • Performance Engineered Package. This performance radial combines spiral wound nylon overwrap, steel belts and a polyester cord body in a solid, high-tech construction package to meet car enthusiasts´ demands for responsive handling.
  • Optimum Mold Profile. Using state-of-the-art finite element modeling technology, an optimum mold profile was selected to provide excellent handling characteristics.

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Zeon ZPT

235/40R18 (BSW) 90000003630 300-AA-A91 H