Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar G2


Price Range:  USD $292.99 to $337.99


Passenger Cars /Summer/Ultra High Performance

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Eagle® F1 Supercar® G2 is Ultra High-Performance tire with superb dry traction for select supercars.

  • Race-inspired Ultra High-Performance tread compound helps provide excellent dry traction.
  • Asymmetric, directional tread design with massive outboard tread blocks helps enhance dry cornering grip.
  • Sweeping AquaChannel® grooves on the inboard side of the tread help enhance wet cornering grip.
  • Innovative multi-radius mold shape helps offer precise handling and smooth, even wear.
  • Serrated band sidewall styling with distinctive lettering gives an Ultra High-Performance appearance.

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Eagle F1 Supercar G2

265/40ZR19 (Left) (VSB) 408030316 220-AA-A98 Y
265/40ZR19 (Right) (VSB) 408031328 220-AA-A98 Y
285/35ZR20 (Left) (VSB) 408038316 220-AA-A100 Y
285/35ZR20 (Right) (VSB) 408038328 220-AA-A100 Y
285/35ZR20 (Left) (VSB) 408027316 220-AA-A92 Y
285/35ZR20 (Right) (VSB) 408028328 220-AA-A92 Y
305/35ZR20 (Left) (VSB) 408039316 220-AA-A104 Y
305/35ZR20 (Right) (VSB) 408039328 220-AA-A104 Y