WinterClaw Arctic Claw Winter XSI

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Winter Winter
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LT235/75R15 (BLK) ACX12  104 Q
225/75R16 (BLK) ACX76  104 S
235/75R16 (BLK) ACX62  108 S
LT235/85R16 (BLK) ACX17  120 Q
LT245/75R16 (BLK) ACX38  120 Q
245/75R16 (BLK) ACX79  111 S
255/70R16 (BLK) ACX86  111 S
265/70R16 (BLK) ACX93  112 S
265/75R16 (BLK) ACX81  116 S
LT265/75R16 (BLK) ACX39  123 Q
LT285/75R16 (BLK) ACX67  126 Q
235/65R17 (BLK) ACX82  104 S
245/65R17 (BLK) ACX55  107 S
255/70R17 (BLK) ACX10  110 S
265/70R17 (BLK) ACX87  115 S
LT265/70R17 (BLK) ACX90  121 Q
LT285/70R17 (BLK) ACX84  121 Q
235/60R18 (BLK) ACX49  103 S
235/65R18 (BLK) ACX05  106 S
255/55R18 (BLK) ACX36  109 S
255/65R18 (BLK) ACX37  111 S
255/70R18 (BLK) ACX60  112 S
265/70R18 (BLK) ACX22  116 S
LT275/65R18 (BLK) ACX40  123 R
275/65R18 (BLK) ACX63  116 S
LT275/70R18 (BLK) ACX72  125 R
265/50R20 (BLK) ACX85  107 S
LT265/60R20 (BLK) ACX74  121 Q
275/55R20 (BLK) ACX59  117 S
275/60R20 (BLK) ACX61  115 S
LT275/65R20 (BLK) ACX43  126 R
LT31X10.50R15 (BLK) ACX41  109 Q

A premium, studdable winter tire designed for Crossovers, SUV's and Light Trucks to combine maximum traction in wet, slush, and snow with a smooth and quiet ride. Winter performance packaged with an attractive highly stylized sidewall.

  • High-traction tread design balances wet and dry performance with a quiet ride
  • “D-Square” sipe technology for enhanced wet and winter weather performance
  • Patented “Snow Groove” provides superior snow and ice traction
  • Studdable winter tire for superior ice traction
  • Enhanced stud retention

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Arctic Claw Winter XSI

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