Black Rhino Peak (Painted/Gloss Black /Mirror Cut Face) Wheels


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The PEAK is a sleek six spoke with smooth accent lines in the center of each spoke. To add to the look each spoke rolls back with a nice concave to give that sporty feel. When you are looking at the top, reach for the PEAK for your Truck and SUV. Available in 20 in.,22in. in Matte Black or Gloss Black with a Mirror Cut Face. Each Black Rhino wheel is engineered to carry the heavy loads often associated with Trucks and SUV´s. All wheels are either hub-centric or supplied with centering rings to ensure a smooth vibration free ride.

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20 x 9 6/114.3 20 mm. 76.00 - Gloss Black/Mirror Cut Face 2090PEK206114B76
20 x 9 6/132 30 mm. 74.00 - Gloss Black/Mirror Cut Face 2090PEK306132B74
20 x 9 6/135 30 mm. 87.10 - Gloss Black/Mirror Cut Face 2090PEK306135B87
20 x 9 6/139.7 20 mm. 112.00 - Gloss Black/Mirror Cut Face 2090PEK206140B12
22 x 9.5 6/135 30 mm. 87.10 - Gloss Black/Mirror Cut Face 2295PEK306135B87
22 x 9.5 6/139.7 25 mm. 112.00 - Gloss Black/Mirror Cut Face 2295PEK256140B12
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