Coventry Whitley (Painted/Gloss Black /Mirror Cut Lip) Wheels 20x10, 5/108 Offset: 39


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Jaguar wheels, engineered exclusively for Jaguar motor cars. That is what Coventry wheels for Jaguar is all about. The Jaguar is a very special motor car and requires a very special custom wheel fitment that has been correctly engineered for the Jaguar. Jaguar motor cars are notoriously hard to fit wheels on. That is why Coventry was created, to make the proper wheel fitment for Jaguar motor cars. Hub centric Jaguar wheels with the proper Jaguar offset and bolt pattern..

Lip Size:
17x8 - 0.75"
18x8.5 - 1"
18x9.5 - 2.25"
19x8.5 - 1"
19x9.5 - 2.25"
20x8.5 - 1.25"
20x10 - 2.75"

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