Enkei GTC 01 (Painted/Hyper Black) Wheels 18x7.5, 5/100 Offset: 48


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Enkei Wheels - Enkei GTC 01 Hyper Black

Enkei has been racing in the top competition championships of the world for three decades. Enkei continues its winning tradition with this modern classic. The Enkei GTC 01 has a light weight pocket design, an innovative technique that was created for the McLaren Mercedes Formula One Machine. Shaving aluminum from the sides of the spokes relieves wheel stress and makes the wheel lighter. The Enkei GTC 01 also utilizes anti-slip paint on its wheels, which it turns causes high friction where the wheel meets the tires while reducing wheel spin to the tire during extreme acceleration. The Enkei GTC 01 has become a classic design for enthusiasts of all stripes.

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