Fuel JM2 (Painted/Black Matte) Wheels


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Price Range:    $235.99 to $235.99

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Fuel wheels, Off-Road wheels made by MHT Luxury Alloys deliver superb styling and excellent craftsmanship. Fuel wheels and Fuel rims are real winners in alloy wheels design. Exemplifying deep styling and high quality, these alloy wheels represent a great selection of Fuel wheels.

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17 x 8.5 5/127 -6 mm. 78.10 28 lbs. Black Matte D57217857345
17 x 8.5 6/139.7 -6 mm. 108.00 28 lbs. Black Matte D57217858345
17 x 8.5 6/139.7 7 mm. 108.00 28 lbs. Black Matte D57217858350
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