RTX Bern (Painted/Satin Black) Wheels 15x6.5, 5/112 Offset: 40


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Price Range:    $119.70 to $119.70

1994 Audi 100 4 Dr Sedan CS
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The Bern wheel is a perfect choice for winter on a very large selection of cars, vans and SUVs. With a durable satin black finish, a simple five double spoke design that is easy to clean and maintain and an application list that covers most popular diameters, bolt patterns and offsets, the Bern rim is a great option to give any vehicle a clean look or to upgrade the style of plain OEM steel wheels all year long.

RTX Bern (Painted/Satin Black) Wheels 15" x 6.5" 4/100; Offset: 38; Hub: 73.1; Seat type: Conical;

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