Holiday Gift Guide



1. High Performance Tires

Nothing gets the best performance out of their car like high performance tires. A new set will set you back $1,200+, but this item definitely tops every car-lover's  dream list. We've added this top-rated set of Pirelli P-Zero tires to our wish list. This Italian tire manufacturer provides tires for Formula One races; this translates into one of the most advanced, best performing and most coveted tires off the track.

Plus, you don't have to be a car expert to buy. Our Tire and Wheel experts are available to help you find the perfect set, with a 100% fitment guarantee. Starting at $228/tire | Available Here.

2. Wheels

There is a wheel to fit every driver's personality, style and vehicle. We're currently crushing on this festive-red "002.5" wheel from XXR - sure to look fast year-round. Use our 1010TIRES.COM Vehicle Search to find wheels for your significant other's vehicle, or contact our Tire and Wheel experts. Price: $150.99-160.99 per wheel | Available Here


3. Custom Car Mats

Topping our list, without breaking the bank, are Lloyd Mats Custom Floor Mats. Choose the recipients vehicle type to get a perfect fit, then create a one-of-a-kind gift by configuring color and embroidery options. Lloyd Mats can be embroidered with your choice of a variety of lifestyle emblems, like a skull and crossbones or military seal; you can even personalize with your own custom text. A personalized touch like a nickname or inside joke, is sure to make this gift stand out!

One of the great things about Lloyd Mats, is they offer a price point for every budget. Starting at $84 for Classic Loop 2x front mats or  $198 for Luxe Luxurious Custom Auto Mats 2x front mats. | Available Here

4. Tire Tread Ring by Earth Art Gem and Jewelry

If you're favorite car-lover also happens to be your favorite gal, why not surprise her with this unique hand-made sterling silver ring featuring a sparkly Cubc Zirconia and a truck tread-inspired band? $230 | Available Here


5. Aquapel Glass Treatment

Applied to the exterior of vehicle glass, Aquapel leaves the surface water resistant. Rain beads up and rolls off, dramatically improving visibility.  Aquapel makes our list as a favorite stocking stuffer for both car-lovers and non-lovers alike; the gift of safety is for everybody. $9.99 | Available Here

6. Gear Shift Cufflinks

These sharp-looking gear shifter cufflinks are sure to make statement. Warning: we think you may be tempted to give these a little early, so that the recipient can rock their office holiday party in style. $30 | Available Here

7. Cool Tire Tread Hot Beverage Cup

This funky ceramic cup with a tire tread-inspired silicone sleeve is the perfect gift for your caffeine-addicted gear head. Available in four colors (although we'll partial to the yellow and black). $30 | Available Here

8. Buckle Up Key Holder

Is your favorite car-lover constantly patting their pockets or emptying out their purse, asking "have you seen my keys?" If so, this fabulous Buckle Up Key Holder by Thabto is a win-win solution. They'll have fun putting their keys away, and you'll enjoy the peace and quiet! $25 | Available Here,

9. Nut and Bolts Business Card Holder and Analog Clock

Are you looking for a gift for someone in the auto industry? We think that they'll love this quirky business card holder and clock combo. It's a great conversation piece, and we're sure that it will get noticed. Price $50 | Available Here

5 Tips for Safer Winter Driving

The leaves may have barely started to change colors... but before you know it winter will be here and, with it, snowy and icy driving conditions. Stay safe and out of the ditch this winter with these five tire tips:    

1. Make sure you have appropriate tires

In an era where convenience is king, All-Season Tires are finding their way on to more and more vehicles. One set of tires for a whole year's worth of driving, and skipping the winter wait at your local tire shop, sound like a dream come true for many consumers.

However, according to Transport Canada, all-season tires may not always be suitable for severe snow conditions. Dedicated Snow Tires, on the other hand, have been designed specifically for use in severe snow conditions and meet specific traction and performance requirements for snowy conditions.

Both tires have their merits, and which tire for you is a personal decision: be sure to evaluate where you live, the conditions you expect to drive in this winter, and prioritize safety and convenience.

2. Get a Jump-Start on Winter

Don't wait for the first snowflake to fall to switch over to dedicated winter tires. The Tire and Rubber Association of Canada recommends that you consider changing to winter tires as soon as the temperature dips below 7°C (45°F). This is because winter tires not only perform well in snowy conditions, but the rubber compound is also designed to perform better on cold, dry pavement.

An added bonus? 30 years of operating our own tire shops have taught us that most people wait until they see snow to change over to their winter tires. Avoid the crowds by changing when the temperature dips below 7°C.

3. Never Mix Tires

We always recommend that you install your winter tires in sets of four. And it's not because we're trying to make money: according to the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada, "anything less than four winter tires compromises your vehicle's safety and the overall effectiveness of winter tires."

They've provided this handy graphic that explains exactly what happens to your vehicle's handling in this situation: 



Don't even mix the type of winter tire going onto your vehicle: Transport Canada warns that "mixing tires with different tread patterns, internal construction, and size degrades the stability of the vehicle and should be avoided."

4. Check your tire pressure

Year-round, tire pressure is an important factor in vehicle safety and we recommend checking it bi-weekly. During winter months, it's extra important to check your air pressure regularly because a 10 degree drop in outside temperature can reduce your tire pressure by 1 psi. That means that if you set your pressure in July and don't check it again until December, you could have lost several psi. Improper vehicle pressure can lead to damaging tires, poor handling and traction, and even blow outs. An added bonus? Keeping your tires at optimal pressure can improve your gas mileage and handling!

Tire pressure is set by your vehicle's manufacturer, and not by the tire manufacturer. You can find your recommended tire pressure by checking your vehicle's owner's manual or the placard located inside the driver's side door jamb. This will give you the recommended "cold" tire pressure. Don't be fooled by the name - cold tire pressure has nothing to do with outside temps: cold tire pressure simply means that the tires have not been driven on.

5. Check your tire tread

Tire tread is more than just pretty patterns dreamed up by tire manufacturers: it has been carefully designed and engineered by tire manufacturers to maximize the safety and performance of your vehicle in different driving conditions: tire tread helps drivers to stop quickly, prevents hydroplaning and improves handling. As the tread wears down, your tire's ability to grip the road and perform well in different driving conditions decreases.

Make sure that your tires have enough tread on them to get you through the winter months. A tire is legally worn out when they have a tread depth of 2/32", but, often, at this point the tire is already experiencing a decrease in its grip. Don't wait for your tires to be legally worn out! Consider replacing your tires when they've reached a tread depth of 4/32"  - especially if you plan on driving in wet or icy conditions - or when you notice that they feel unsafe.



1010TIRES.COM is proud to announce a new partnership with Mr.Lube, expanding our popular Certified Tire Installer program. We invite you to research, compare and purchase your tires and wheels online and have your order shipped directly to a participating Mr. Lube location for installation.

Mr.Lube has automotive specialists who are certified to service your tires and provide you with convenient top-to-bottom vehicle maintenance.

Here's how it works: At check out, enter your postal code and hit "calculate." If local installation is available in your area, the "Ship to Local Installer" option will become available. Next, "Proceed to Secure Checkout" to select the most convenient location from a list of Certified Tire Installers and complete your purchase. We will process your order and ship it to your local installer. You and the installer will each receive a shipping notification and tracking number. Your installer will notify you when your order has arrived and is ready for installation. Head over to your local installer and have your tires and wheels installed. Installation fees will be collected by your local installer, at the time of service. A $25 handling fee will apply if you choose to skip installation and simply pick up your order at the installer's location.

Research and buy online at 1010TIRES.COM, for the best prices...Install at your neighborhood Mr.Lube, for the best service!



At 1010TIRES.COM, we have been serving the Toronto area since we first launched our online business in 2000. With each order that we shipped to Toronto, we got to know our wonderful East Coast neighbors a little better. That''s why, as our business has grown, we have decided to open up our fourth retail location in Toronto!

Our new Toronto location just opened up as an installation and (free!) pickup point for online orders. We''re also excited to announce a new showroom and tire care center that will open in mid-September.

Call or come visit our new 1010TIRES.COM Toronto location at:

The Province Interviews CEO of 1010TIRES.COM


Online tire firm pumps up profits. When asked about how 1010TIRES.COM started, Sofia Volpov was more than happy to tell. Read today's interview published in The Province about our CEO, and how 1010TIRES opened it's doors to online tire & wheel sales.

The Province article:

Written by: Alexandra Straub, The Province
Photograph by: Nick Procaylo, PNG, The Province

Tread Depth Indicator & Business Cards? Brilliant!

Tread depth is a key indicator of a tires performance and safety. So when your business card doubles as a tread depth gauge, it’s clear you are serious about both. Designed by Spring Advertising, the 1010TIRES.COM business cards are functional tread depth gauges. These can effectively measure the tread depth on most conventional tires to determine if they need to be replaced or can continue to be used safely. In November 2012, the 1010TIRES.COM business cards were awarded a by LOTUS AWARDS® Merit.