Pirelli P-Zero Asimmetrico

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205/50ZR15 ASY (BSW) 0731900  86 W
225/50ZR15 ASY (BSW) 2096000  91 Y
345/35ZR15 ASY (BSW) 0898600 140-A-A95 Y
225/50ZR16 (BSW) 2541300  92 Y
215/50ZR17 ASY (BSW) 0888900 140-A-A91 Y
235/50ZR17 ASY (Jaguar) * (BSW) 1044300 140-A-A96 W
245/40ZR17 (BSW) 2541400 140-A-A91 Y
245/50ZR17 ASY (Jaguar) * (BSW) 0862100 140-A-A99 Y
255/45ZR17 (BSW) 2541200 140-A-A98 Y
255/45ZR17 (BSW) 2593900  98 Y
285/40ZR17 (BSW) 2593700  100 Y
335/35ZR17 (BSW) 2593200 140-A-A106 Y
235/35ZR18 (BSW) 2593000 140-A-A86 Y
255/40ZR18 ASY (Jaguar) * (BSW) 0926100 140-A-A95 Y
255/45ZR18 ASY (Jaguar) * (BSW) 0890400 140-A-A99 Y
265/40ZR18 (BSW) 2593500 140-A-A97 Y
275/40ZR18 (BSW) 2593600  99 Y
285/45ZR18 ASY (Bentley) * (BSW) 0960000 140-A-A103 Y
335/30ZR18 (BSW) 2592900 140-A-A102 Y
255/40ZR19 ASY (Jaguar) (BSW) 0732100 140-A-A96 Y
255/45ZR19XL ASY (Bentley/Jaguar) * (BSW) 1315100 140-A-A104 Y

The P Zero System is Pirelli's Max Performance Summer tire system offering the possibility of selecting from two different tire designs tuned to be used separately or in unison depending on the type of car, driving conditions and driving style. Designed to heighten performance in the dry and especially in the wet, P Zero System tires were originally developed for some of the world's fastest cars, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche. Like all summer tires, P Zero System tires are not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. The P Zero System's two different options include the P Zero Asimmetrico and P Zero Direzionale. P Zero Asimmetrico all-position or rear-axle tires feature an asymmetrical tread design to focus on transmitting torque to the road with specialized features enhancing cornering power. P Zero Direzionale front position tires feature a directional tread design to focus on hydroplaning resistance and wet surface road holding for cars fitted with wide section width front tires. Both tires' internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced with nylon cap plies on top of a rayon carcass to blend responsive handling with high-speed durability.

  • Asymmetric Front and Rear
    This configuration is particularly suited where dry surface performance outweighs the demand for resistance to hydroplaning during high-speed road and/or track use. This configuration is well suited to cars with medium to narrow section front tires and is a must for front-engine front-wheel and four-wheel drive cars.

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P-Zero Asimmetrico

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Unlimited Time / Free replacement first year or 2/32" wear, then prorated until 2/32" remaining depth

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Only for Run-Flat Tires Only (1 Year / First 2/32" wear then prorated)

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