Enkei Ammodo (Painted/Hyper Silver) Jantes


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ENKEI takes wheel development and design seriously, establishing its own set of rigorous quality standards - Spec-E - to ensure its wheels have a high resistance to impact and rotary bending. The result is the lineup of superior-quality ENKEI Performance Wheels. ENKEI wheel durability resists damage caused by extreme heat and pressure, while its lightweight structure helps the vehicle to accelerate faster. Aside from function, ENKEI puts importance on wheel aesthetics with today's most modern colors, accents and trim. With high-performance features and design leadership, ENKEI continues to set the pace on the race track, as well as on the street.

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16 x 7 5/100 38 mm. 72,62 - Hyper Silver 466-670-8038HS
16 x 7 5/100 45 mm. 72,62 - Hyper Silver 466-670-8045HS
17 x 7,5 5/100 38 mm. 72,62 - Hyper Silver 466-775-8038HS
17 x 7,5 5/100 45 mm. 72,62 - Hyper Silver 466-775-8045HS
18 x 8 5/120 32 mm. 72,62 - Hyper Silver 466-880-1232HS
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