Enkei Enkei92 (Painted/Gold Paint) Jantes


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ENKEI introduces its new CLASSIC SERIES. Enkei Wheels is reviving two classic wheels associated with the heydays of import car tuning. The ENKEI J-Speed and ENKEI-92 are the latest creations from the Japanese wheel manufacturer and promise to bring a new level of excitement to the wheel market.

The Enkei92 is a true old school mesh offering deep lips and aggressive offsets, available in 3 colors - Black, Gold and Silver.

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15 x 7 4/100 38 mm. 72,62 - Gold Paint 465-570-4938GG
15 x 7 4/114.3 38 mm. 72,62 15,25 lbs. Gold Paint 465-570-4838GG
15 x 8 4/100 25 mm. 72,62 15,75 lbs. Gold Paint 465-580-4925GG
15 x 8 4/114.3 25 mm. 72,62 15,75 lbs. Gold Paint 465-580-4825GG
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