Mamba M1X (Painted/Machined /Matte Black) Jantes


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MAMBA's off-road style wheels, offering tough and rugged individualism, incorporate industrial design and advanced engineering.Perfect for on-road, off-road or lifted Jeeps, trucks and SUVs, MAMBA sets the mark high: wheels that look tough should BE tough. And so to that end, MAMBA builds in quality, strength, style and reliability.

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18 x 9 5/139.7 19 mm. 108,10 - Machined/Matte Black M1X898519B
20 x 9 5/127 10 mm. 78,10 - Machined/Matte Black M1X297310B
20 x 9 6/139.7 0 mm. 108,10 - Machined/Matte Black M1X298300B
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