Bridgestone Turanza ER300 RFT

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245/45R18 (BW) 001783 320-A-A96 Y
275/40R18 (BW) 001784 320-A-A99 Y
245/40R19 (BW) 000623 320-A-A94 Y
275/35R19 (BW) 000631 320-A-A96 Y

The Turanza ER300 is Bridgestone´s ecologically oriented Grand Touring Summer tire developed for Original Equipment use on Mercedes-Benz sedans, as well as can be used as replacements on other coupes and sedans. The Turanza ER300 is designed to combine traction, handling and comfort in dry and wet conditions, but like all summer tires is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

  • The Turanza ER300 molds a summer tread compound into an asymmetric tread design.
  • Large tread blocks and continuous circumferential ribs provide responsive handling and traction on dry roads, while lateral and circumferential tread grooves help evacuate water from under the tire´s footprint to enhance wet traction and reduce hydroplaning.
  • The tire´s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spiral wrapped aramid and nylon to stabilize the tread area to enhance handling and high-speed capability.
  • Turanza ER300 tires are also branded with Bridgestone´s Ecopia™ symbol to signify they offer reduced tire rolling resistance to enhance vehicle fuel economy while they lessen the vehicle´s environmental impact by helping reduce its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

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Turanza ER300 RFT

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