Cooper Discoverer SRX

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215/70R16 (BSW) 90000022253 740-A-A100 H
225/70R16 (BSW) 90000022254 740-A-B103 T
225/75R16 (BSW) 90000022258 740-A-B104 S
225/75R16 (BSW) 90000027112 740-A-B104 T
235/70R16 (OWL) 90000022255 740-A-B106 T
245/70R16 (OWL) 90000027119 740-A-B107 T
245/75R16 (OWL) 90000027120 740-A-B111 T
245/75R16 (OWL) 90000022259 740-A-B111 S
255/65R16 (BSW) 90000027118 740-A-B109 T
255/65R16 (BSW) 90000022252 740-A-B109 S
265/70R16 (OWL) 90000022257 740-A-B112 T
265/75R16 (OWL) 90000022260 740-A-B116 T
225/65R17 (BSW) 90000022285 740-A-A102 H
235/65R17 (BSW) 90000022261 740-A-B104 T
235/70R17XL (BSW) 90000027113 740-A-B109 T
235/70R17XL (BSW) 90000022264 740-A-B109 S
235/75R17 (BSW) 90000022303 740-A-B109 S
245/65R17 (BSW) 90000021253 740-A-B107 T
245/70R17 (BSW) 90000022265 740-A-B110 S
245/70R17 (BSW) 90000027122 740-A-B110 T
255/65R17 (OWL) 90000027121 740-A-B110 T
255/65R17 (OWL) 90000022262 740-A-B110 S
255/70R17 (BSW) 90000027984 740-A-B112 T
255/75R17 (BSW) 90000022311 740-A-B115 S
265/65R17 (OWL) 90000022263 740-A-B112 T
265/70R17 (OWL) 90000021252 740-A-B115 S
265/70R17 (OWL) 90000027117 740-A-B115 T
235/60R18XL (BSW) 90000026093 700-A-A107 V
235/65R18 (BSW) 90000022266 740-A-B106 T
245/60R18 (BSW) 90000022286 740-A-A105 H
255/55R18XL (BSW) 90000026092 700-A-A109 V
255/65R18 (BSW) 90000027123 740-A-B111 T
255/65R18 (BSW) 90000022267 740-A-B111 S
255/70R18 (BSW) 90000022280 740-A-B113 T
265/60R18 (BSW) 90000022312 740-A-B110 T
265/65R18 (BSW) 90000027114 740-A-B114 T
265/65R18 (BSW) 90000022268 740-A-B114 S
265/70R18 (OWL) 90000022281 740-A-B116 S
265/70R18 (OWL) 90000027124 740-A-B116 T
275/65R18 (BSW) 90000022269 740-A-B116 T
225/55R19 (BSW) 90000026096 740-A-A99 H
245/55R19 (BSW) 90000022282 740-A-A103 S
245/55R19 (BSW) 90000027115 740-A-B103 H
255/50R19XL (BSW) 90000026094 700-A-A107 V
255/60R19 (BSW) 90000022287 740-A-A109 H
235/55R20 (BSW) 90000026097 740-A-A102 H
245/50R20 (BSW) 90000026095 700-A-A102 V
245/60R20 (BSW) 90000022314 740-A-A107 H
255/50R20XL (BSW) 90000022301 740-A-A109 H
255/55R20XL (BSW) 90000022302 740-A-A110 H
265/50R20 (BSW) 90000022300 740-A-B107 T
275/55R20XL (BSW) 90000022283 740-A-A117 H
275/60R20 (BSW) 90000022284 740-A-B115 S
275/60R20 (BSW) 90000027116 740-A-B115 T
285/45R22XL (BSW) 90000022315 740-A-A114 H

The Discoverer SRX blends innovative technology and advanced engineering to deliver confident all-season performance. The SRX is designed to provide a long tread life, maximize ride comfort and improve tire efficiency for a wide range of CUVs and SUVs.

  • 3-D micro-gauge dimple sipes maximize tread contact with the road surface to grip the road better.
  • Traction grooves maximize the expulsion of water away from the tread surface effectively reducing the potential of hyrodplane and increasing grip.
  • Stabiledge TM helps stabilize the tread elements during driving conditions enhancing steering precision.
  • Optimized 5-rib tread pattern evenly distributes the load across the tire contact patch leading to improved treadwear, responsiveness and handling.
  • Winter edge feature creates a higher snow grip area in the tread to provide better traction.

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Discoverer SRX

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