Cooper Weather-Master S-T 2


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155/80R13 (BSW) 2680C  79 S
155/80R13 (BSW) 2601C  79 S
175/70R13 (BSW) 90000003285  82 S
175/70R13 (BSW) 2620C  82 S
175/65R14 (BSW) 2641C  82 T
185/65R14 (BSW) 2642C  86 T
185/70R14 (BSW) 2623C  88 S
185/75R14 (BSW) 2605C  89 S
185/75R14 (BSW) 2681C  89 S
195/60R14 (BSW) 2632C  86 T
195/70R14 (BSW) 2624C  91 S
195/75R14 (BSW) 2606C  92 S
205/70R14 (BSW) 2688C  95 S
205/75R14 (BSW) 2607C  95 S
205/75R14 (BSW) 2683C  95 S
215/70R14 (BSW) 2690C  96 S
215/70R14 (BSW) 2615C  96 S
185/60R15 (BSW) 2634C  84 T
185/65R15 (BSW) 2651C  88 T
195/55R15 (BSW) 2664C  85 T
195/60R15 (BSW) 2635C  88 T
195/65R15 (BSW) 2652C  91 T
205/60R15 (BSW) 2636C  91 T
205/65R15 (BSW) 2653C  94 T
205/70R15 (BSW) 2689C  96 S
205/75R15 (BSW) 2684C  97 S
215/60R15 (BSW) 2637C  94 T
215/65R15 (BSW) 2654C  96 T
215/70R15 (BSW) 2691C  98 S
215/75R15 (BSW) 2685C  100 S
225/70R15 (BSW) 2692C  100 S
225/75R15 (BSW) 90000003311  102 S
235/75R15 (BSW) 90000003312  105 S
205/50R16 (BSW) 2667C  87 T
205/55R16 (BSW) 2661C  91 T
205/60R16 (BSW) 2660C  92 T
205/65R16 (BSW) 2646C  95 T
215/55R16 (BSW) 2662C  97 T
215/60R16 (BSW) 2639C  95 T
215/65R16 (BSW) 2655C  98 T
225/60R16 (BSW) 2640C  98 T
235/60R16 (BSW) 2644C  100 T
235/65R16 (BSW) 2648C  103 T
215/50R17 (BSW) 2666C  91 T
215/55R17 (BSW) 2649C  94 T
215/60R17 (BSW) 2628C  96 T
215/65R17 (BSW) 2647C  99 T
225/45R17 (BSW) 2669C  94 T
225/50R17 (BSW) 2656C  94 T
225/55R17 (BSW) 2675C  97 T
225/60R17 (BSW) 2633C  99 T
225/65R17 (BSW) 2650C  102 T
235/45R17 (BSW) 2670C  94 T
235/55R17 (BSW) 2676C  99 T
225/60R18 (BSW) 2645C  100 T

The Weather-Master S/T 2™ is Cooper´s premium studdable winter passenger tire designed for drivers looking for excellent traction on snow and ice. The Weather-Master S/T 2™ line has extensive size coverage that fits a wide range of automobiles, old and new, foreign and domestic.

  • High Traction Tread Design. The intricate tread pattern balances winter traction and a smooth, quiet ride. The deep lateral and notched circumferential grooves provide excellent evacuation of water and slush from the tread contact patch.
  • Patented "Snow Groove" Design Technology. Provides biting edges for excellent snow and ice traction without reducing tread element stiffness. The snow groove enhances the retention of snow in the outer circumferential grooves to capitalize on the higher traction characteristics of "snow on snow" versus "snow on rubber".
  • "D Squared" Sipe Technology (Density x Depth). Incorporates a dense zig-zag sipe pattern that further enhances winter performance while maintaining excellent wet traction. Variable sipe depth maintains element stability while optimizing winter performance.



Cooper Weather-Master S-T 2
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The actual model of vehicle is unlisted. I drive a wheelchair-accessible rear-wheel drive vehicle at work. The transit department buys Cooper studded tires. I work in the mountains of Colorado. I was sliding and stuck on rural roads with high grades. This week, I backed down a hill at least ten times to make running starts on the grade with several inches of fresh powder. On each attempt, I was able to climb a hundred feet before spinning. After about twenty minutes, a grader cleared the snow, allowing me to proceed. Today, I am sliding around in another snowstorm. On my personal vehicle, I bought Michelin X-Ice and experience much better snow and ice performance.

Size: 225/55R17

Vehicle: 2016 Chevrolet Malibu 4 Dr Sedan Hybrid with 160900 KM of Tire Wear

Anonyme made this review on 26/01/2018 and is a Confident, Experienced Driver

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