Falken Espia EPZ2

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175/65R14XL (BLK) 28314442  86 T
185/65R14XL (BLK) 28314443  90 T
175/65R15XL (BLK) 28314563  88 T
185/60R15XL (BLK) 28314516  88 T
185/65R15XL (BLK) 28314542  92 T
195/60R15XL (BLK) 28314551  92 T
195/65R15XL (BLK) 28314543  95 T
205/65R15XL (BLK) 28314544  99 T
215/70R15 (BLK) 28314477  98 T
205/55R16XL (BLK) 28314483  94 T
205/60R16XL (BLK) 28314652  96 T
205/65R16 (BLK) 28314626  95 T
215/60R16XL (BLK) 28314479  99 T
215/65R16 (BLK) 28314681  98 T
225/60R16XL (BLK) 28314480  102 T
225/65R16 (BLK) 28314673  100 T
215/55R17XL (BLK) 28314727  98 T
225/45R17XL (BLK) 28314795  94 T
225/50R17XL (BLK) 28314772  98 T
225/55R17XL (BLK) 28314762  101 T
235/55R17 (BLK) 28314725  99 T
225/40R18XL (BLK) 28314892  92 T
225/45R18XL (BLK) 28314824  95 T
235/50R18XL (BLK) 28314825  101 T

The ESPIA EPZ II ensures driving confidence in the harshest winter conditions. Using the latest technology in tread design, compound and construction, the EPZ II is an excellent blend of winter performance and longer tread wear. The zigzag shape of the main groove is designed to provide resistance to hydroplaning while the tread notches create biting edges for traction on snow and ice. ESPIA EPZ II, designed for the most unforgiving winters.

  • “NEWLY ENHANCED” 3D CANYON SIPE TECHNOLOGY: with a much thinner sipe design increases sipe density by 25% (then its predecessor) which allows for more edges per tread block. This increases ice braking and enhances snow and wet traction.
  • HIGH-DENSITY SIPES: move water and snow away from the tread surface for continuous road connection with over 13,000 milimeters in edges added from its predecessor.
  • STRATEGICALLY DESIGNED RIB PLACEMENT: is ideal for excellent handling no matter the road surface condition. Larger outer-edge block-style ribs provide a comfortable and stable drive while maneuvering the vehicle.
  • SPECIALIZED RUBBER TREAD COMPOUND: provides pliability at low temperatures for excellent winter driving ability in snowy and icy conditions.
  • SILICA ENRICHED POLYMER: is utilized to help maintain tire flexibility in cold weather which allows for consistent winter performance.
  • WIDE LATERAL GROOVES: work together with wide pockets built into the tire to allow more snow to pack into the tread, clearing the road surface quicker for increased snow traction in slushy or deep snow conditions.
  • WIDE CIRCUMFERENTIAL GROOVES: channel water away from the tread for consistent contact with the road surface, increasing wet traction and driver confidence.

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Espia EPZ2

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