Nexen Roadian AT II

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LT225/75R16 (ROWL) 13753NXK 560-A-B115 Q
LT235/85R16 (ROWL) 13715NXK 560-A-B120 Q
LT245/75R16 (ROWL) 13743NXK 560-A-B120 Q
LT265/75R16 (ROWL) 13729NXK 560-A-B123 Q
245/65R17 (ROWL) 13752NXK 560-A-B105 S
245/70R17 (ROWL) 13764NXK 560-A-B108 S
LT265/70R17 (ROWL) 11592NXK 560-A-B121 Q
265/70R17 (ROWL) 13762NXK 560-A-B113 S
285/60R18 (BSW) 11574NXK 560-A-B114 S

The Nexen Roadian AT II is built to deliver more than competent on and off-road performance in all types of road conditions, to go along with a lower budget-friendly price point. Developed for drivers of trucks and SUV's, Roadian ATII tires are engineered with the latest tire technology for increased traction and enhanced overall ride quality.

A tougher all-terrain tread compound features a non-directional tread pattern and a multi-wave kerf design that results in an increased grip on dry and wet road surfaces, as well enhanced grip on snow covered roads. The tire's zig-zag grooves are made to deliver added traction on rain soaked roadways and channel away more water from under the tread for a reduced risk of hydroplaning.

The shoulders on the AT II are created to maximize cornering grip and increase heavier load durability. A center rib adds to tire stability at higher speeds and improves braking response. Nexan has created a tread pattern that also provides a more comfortable ride quality than you might expect from a lower costing tire.

Inside the tire you'll find a two steel belted construction for added strength and durability. This model is available in a number of 15 to 17 sizes, as well as 6 or 10-ply options.

  • Dry and wet traction
  • Crisper steering response and tire stability
  • Snow and winter weather performance
  • Ride is comfortable
  • Tread life

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Roadian AT II

Warranty summary for replacement tires purchased on or after 01/févr./2016

Garantie Treadlife

Roadian AT II (P) 50,000; Roadian AT II LT 40,000

Garantie d'homogénéité

1 Year / first 2/32" of wear (1)

Garantie des matériaux de finition

6 Years / Free replacement first year, 2/32" then prorated until 2/32" remaining depth (2)

Garantie sur les risques routiers

See Manufacturer Warranty Brochure

Brochure sur la garantie du fabricant

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Garantie spéciale du fabricant

3 Year Roadside Assistance

Notes spéciales:

Informations sur la garantie fournie peut être innacurate, ou peut être mis à jour. S'il vous plaît voir la brochure de garantie du fabricant officiel pour plus de détails.

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