Nitto NT555 G2


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225/45ZR17 (BSW) 211240 320-AA-A94 W
245/45ZR17XL (BSW) 211030 320-AA-A99 W
255/50ZR17 (BSW) 211230 320-AA-A101 W
275/40ZR17XL (BSW) 211320 320-AA-A102 W
285/40ZR17XL (BSW) 211380 320-AA-A104 W
315/35ZR17XL (BSW) 211340 320-AA-A106 W
225/40ZR18XL (BSW) 211180 320-AA-A92 W
235/50ZR18XL (BSW) 211120 320-AA-A101 W
245/40ZR18XL (BSW) 211150 320-AA-A97 W
245/45ZR18XL (BSW) 211130 320-AA-A100 W
255/35ZR18XL (BSW) 211280 320-AA-A94 W
255/45ZR18XL (BSW) 211040 320-AA-A103 W
275/35ZR18XL (BSW) 211160 320-AA-A99 W
275/40ZR18XL (BSW) 211050 320-AA-A103 W
285/40ZR18XL (BSW) 211330 320-AA-A105 W
295/40ZR18 (BSW) 211260 320-AA-A103 W
245/45ZR19XL (BSW) 211170 320-AA-A102 W
255/40ZR19XL (BSW) 211080 320-AA-A100 W
265/40ZR19XL (BSW) 211250 320-AA-A102 W
275/40ZR19XL (BSW) 211090 320-AA-A105 W
285/35ZR19XL (BSW) 211190 320-AA-A103 W
245/35ZR20XL (BSW) 211060 320-AA-A95 W
245/45ZR20XL (BSW) 211070 320-AA-A103 W
255/35ZR20XL (BSW) 211010 320-AA-A97 W
255/45ZR20XL (BSW) 211140 320-AA-A105 W
265/35ZR20XL (BSW) 211110 320-AA-A99 W
275/30ZR20XL (BSW) 211310 320-AA-A97 W
275/35ZR20XL (BSW) 211020 320-AA-A102 W
275/40ZR20XL (BSW) 211100 320-AA-A106 W
285/30ZR20XL (BSW) 211210 320-AA-A99 W
295/35ZR20XL (BSW) 211290 320-AA-A105 W
295/40ZR20XL (BSW) 211270 320-AA-A110 W
305/30ZR20XL (BSW) 211220 320-AA-A103 W
315/35ZR20XL (BSW) 211200 320-AA-A110 W

The NT555 G2 is the next generation ultra high performance summer tire designed with the performance driver in mind. With increased* traction, handling and wet-braking capabilities, the NT555 G2 will get you off the line quickly, provide stability in the straights and confidence in the corners.

  • Large Tread Blocks
    Enhanced* traction for rear tires of vehicles with staggered fitments and high horsepower. Tire sizes with 275mm and greater section width have larger tread blocks in comparison to tires with 265mm and narrower section width.
  • Twin Center Ribs
    Increased* dry traction & straight-line stability.
  • Large Tapered Blocks
    Increased* grip capabilities & better cornering stability.
  • Circumferential Grooves
    Center grooves and shoulder grooves aid water evacuation and wet handling.
  • Reinforced Shoulder Treadblocks
    Improves* dry and wet cornering grip.
  • High Stiffness and Silica Compound
    A special bonding agent increases the interaction between all the compound elements to reinforce bonds for higher compound rigidity during cornering, resulting in better handling capabilities in both wet and dry.

    *In comparison to the original NT555 tire



Nitto NT555 G2
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Haven't put many KMs on these yet. They replaced a set of g-force T/A KDW2s which were really noisy but handled very well. These tires give up some ultimate dry grip to the KDWs though part of this could be the newness/depth of tread compared to the half-worn KDWs. They lack the immediacy and precision turn-in of the old tires but take a nice set and feel confident. In the rain these tires feel very secure and planted. Not much is going to be comfortable in an STi but these seem pretty good so far. They're not quite as quiet as I'd hoped but they're much quieter than the last tires; I'll take that as a win. I don't have enough miles to comment on treadwear; the STi is pretty easy on tires when driven sanely so I have hopes of long wear on these.

Size: 245/40R18

Vehicle: 2010 Subaru Impreza 4 Dr Wagon WRX STI with 200 KM of Tire Wear

Anonyme made this review on 25/04/2018 and is a Confident, Experienced Driver

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