Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring


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The CS5 Ultra Touring™ provides real-life performance, in real-life conditions for everyday drivers. The new CS5 is crafted with leading technology and innovations that meet the needs of today´s customer.

  • Wear Squar™ is a visual wear indicator so that as your tire wears the shape of the visual wear indicator will change allowing you to approximate the tread life remaining on your tires. Knowing the approximate tread life remaining on your tires can give you more confidence in your vehicle. If the inner and outer Wear Square™ is at different stages, this indicates a possible wheel alignment issue allowing you to seek professional service.
  • The secret to any tire´s traction begins at the molecular level. Silica provides exceptional all-seasonal performance, improves braking, reduces heat generated in the tire and lowers rolling resistance for better fuel mileage. Cooper´s unique blend of silica has up to four times more silica than the previous generation of premium all-season tires which dramatically increases this tire´s performance. The CS5 Touring™ will be the first to use Cooper´s New Generation Coupled Silica Compound.
  • 3D Micro-Gauge Grooves™ are an innovative technology that allow the tread elements of the tire to interlock which stabilizes the tread. This maximizes tread contact with the road surface to grip the road better in wet conditions and light snow resulting in superior handling and increased traction.
  • Stabiledge™ is the bumper strategically located in several grooves of the tire´s tread which help stabilize the tread elements during driving conditions, enhancing the steering precision while providing a better feel for the road. The Stabiledge™ feature also assists in keeping the grooves open at the tire-to-road contact area providing good traction.

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Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring
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Indice d'usure

Dealer replaced to at about 9000 miles due to high road force. Left noisy ones on. Now at about 25,000 miles, finally getting the other two replaces. I agree, these sound like mud tires. Never going to ride like the OEM Continentals or like the Walmart tires on my van!

Size: 235/45R18


Anonyme made this review on 11/06/2018 and is a Confident, Experienced Driver

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235/45R17 (BSW) 19392C 620-A-A94 H
235/50R17 (BSW) 20271C 580-A-A96 V
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245/45R17 (BSW) 23915C 620-A-A95 H
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225/45R18XL (BSW) 20880C 500-A-A95 W
225/55R18 (BSW) 20216C 620-A-A98 H
225/60R18 (BSW) 20230C 620-A-A100 H
225/60R18 (BSW) 19375C 580-A-A100 V
235/45R18 (BSW) 23940C 620-A-A94 V
235/50R18 (BSW) 20881C 500-A-A97 W
235/55R18XL (BSW) 20276C 580-A-A104 V
235/60R18 (BSW) 23912C 580-A-A103 V
245/45R18XL (BSW) 20275C 580-A-A100 V
245/60R18 (BSW) 23914C 620-A-A105 H
255/65R18 (BSW) 20231C 620-A-A111 H
235/55R19XL (BSW) 20232C 620-A-A105 H
245/40R19XL (BSW) 90000023939 500-A-A98 W
245/45R19 (BSW) 90000027558 580-A-A98 V
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255/35R20XL (BSW) 90000023918 500-A-A97 W
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