Passenger & Light Truck Tires

You name it, we probably have it. We carry over 23 tire brands! Our catalogue consists of over 40,000 + unique tire size variations! Check out which tire brands we carry. Don't worry though, our "ninja" tire experts will help find the right tire for your car, guaranteed. Check out our store locations to find your tire "ninja" now.

Talk to one of our tire experts at one of our convenient locations to find the right tire for your vehicle.

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Used Tires

If buying a new set of tires is out of your budget, no worries. We carry a massive selection of used tires. Our used tires come with a 30 Day money back or exchange guarantee. Our selection of used tires changes daily, so its best to contact or visit one of our retail locations

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Yes, we have wheels! People are often surprised how many wheels we carry. We have one of the largest showrooms in the Lower Mainland. Check out our wheel catalogue. If we don't display the wheel on our website, we can likely get the wheel you are looking for, just give us a call.


Tire Storage

You made the investment to have a dedicated set of winter tires & wheels, but don't know where to store your off-season tires & wheels, or rather not carry and store your dirty heavy tires and wheels?

We're one of BC's first tire storage professionals. Leave your off-season set of tires and wheels with us.

Ask your local 1010TIRES In-Store shop for more information regarding our Tire Storage Program or Learn More

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Gold Road-Hazard In-Store Policy (GRIPP)

As Canadians we do a lot of driving. Tires that are properly maintained can easily handle general wear and tear, but our ever-changing weather climate means that our streets are under attack. This leaves drivers with an abundance of potholes, debris and other obstacles to avoid. Just one of these unforeseen hazards can leave you with a tire in need of costly repair or replacement.

That’s why 1010TIRES.COM a Volco Company developed GRIPP. GRIPP goes beyond manufacturers’ warranties and covers repair and replacement for damage due to road hazards. GRIPP provides drivers with additional security and peace of mind.

1010TIRES.COM a Volco Company supports the tire manufacturers’ warranties for all of the tire brands that we offer. However, those warranties only apply to tires that become unusable for any instance within the tire manufacturers’ control, typically covering materials and workmanship, not road hazards. Many drivers desire the additional protection that GRIPP provides.

Contact us to learn more about GRIPP.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Sytems

Our tire "ninjas" are fully trained to handle your tires, including TPMS enabled vehicles. We offer a wide variety of original equipment and aftermarket sensors. Learn more about TPMS.

Tire Rotation, Balancing, and More