Atturo AZ800

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255/70R15 (BSW) 71EF5AFE 420AA112 H
275/60R15 (BSW) 71GH5AFE 420AA107 H
255/70R16 (BSW) 71EF6AFE 420AA111 H
225/60R17 (BSW) 71BH7AFE 420AA105 H
235/60R17 (BSW) 71CH7AFE 420AA102 V
235/65R17 (BSW) 71CG7AFE 420AA108 V
245/65R17 (BSW) 71DG7AFE 420AA107 H
255/60R17 (BSW) 71EH7AFE 420AA110 V
275/55R17 (BSW) 71GI7AFE 420AA109 V
235/55R18 (BSW) 71CI8AFE 420AA100 V
265/60R18 (BSW) 71FH8AFE 420AA110 V
285/60R18 (BSW) 71HH8AFE 420AA116 V
255/50R19 (BSW) 71EJ9AFE 420AA107 W
255/55R19 (BSW) 71EI9AFE 420AA111 V
275/45R19 (BSW) 71GK9AFE 420AA108 V
285/45R19 (BSW) 71HK9AFE 420AA111 W
255/45R20 (BSW) 71EK0AFE 420AA105 V
265/50R20 (BSW) 71FJ0AFE 420AA112 V
275/40R20 (BSW) 71GL0AFE 420AA106 W
275/45R20 (BSW) 71GK0AFE 420AA110 V
275/55R20 (BSW) 71GI0AFE 420AA117 V
275/60R20 (BSW) 71GH0AFE 420AA119 V
285/50R20 (BSW) 71HJ0AFE 420AA112 V
295/40R20 (BSW) 71IL0AFE 420AA106 V
315/35R20 (BSW) 71KM0AFE 420AA106 W
235/30R22 (BSW) 71CNBAFE 420AA90 W
245/30R22 (BSW) 71DNBAFE 420AA96 Y
255/30R22 (BSW) 71ENBAFE 420AA95 Y
265/35R22 (BSW) 71FMBAFE 420AA102 V
285/35R22 (BSW) 71HMBAFE 420AA106 W
295/30R22 (BSW) 71INBAFE 420AA103 Y
305/40R22 (BSW) 71JLBAFE 420AA115 V
305/45R22 (BSW) 71JKBAFE 420AA118 V
285/40R24 (BSW) 71HLDAFE 420AA112 V
295/40R24 (BSW) 71ILDAFE 420AA114 V
305/35R24 (BSW) 71JMDAFE 420AA112 V

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