Continental ContiCrossContact LX

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215/70R16 (BSW) 04320100000 680-A-B100 S
245/75R16 (OWL) 15449070000 680-A-B111 S
225/65R17 (BSW) 03549440000  102 T
225/65R17 (BSW) 15493230000 680-A-B102 T
225/65R17 (BSW) 04320110000 680-A-B102 H
225/65R17 (BSW) 15481550000 680-A-B102 T
235/65R17XL (BSW) 15475630000 680-A-B108 H
235/65R17 (BSW) 15494860000 680-A-B103 T
235/65R17XL (OWL) 15487190000 680-A-B108 T
LT265/70R17 (OWL) 04570670000  118 S
255/60R18XL (BSW) 03540740000 680-A-B112 V
255/60R18XL (BSW) 03549390000  112 V

Excellent performance on the road and light off-road use.

  • Excellent handling and braking performance for on-road and off-road use
  • Good protection against aquaplaning
  • Precise steering response and superb straight-line tracking

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ContiCrossContact LX

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6 Years / Free replacement first year or 2/32" of wear, then prorated until 2/32" remaining depth (1)

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