Falken Sincera SN201AS

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175/65R14 (BLK) 28629079 620-A-B82 T
185/65R14 (BLK) 28629474 620-A-B86 T
185/70R14 (BLK) 28622401 620-A-B88 T
195/70R14 (BLK) 28625894 620-A-B91 T
185/60R15 (BLK) 28625088 620-A-B84 T
185/65R15 (BLK) 28622984 620-A-A88 H
195/65R15 (BLK) 28623765 620-A-A91 H
205/65R15 (BLK) 28622343 580-A-A99 H
205/70R15 (BLK) 28624434 620-A-B96 T
215/65R15 (BLK) 28626173 620-A-B96 T
215/70R15 (BLK) 28622942 620-A-B98 T
235/75R15 (BLK) 28624722 620-A-B105 T
205/65R16 (BLK) 28621876 620-A-A95 H
215/60R16 (BLK) 28629251 620-A-B95 T
215/65R16 (BLK) 28629114 620-A-B98 T
225/60R16 (BLK) 28624100 620-A-A98 H
225/65R16 (BLK) 28625910 620-A-B100 T
235/65R16 (BLK) 28629733 620-A-B103 T
215/65R17 (BLK) 28628211 620-A-B99 T
225/50R18 (BLK) 28629411 620-A-B95 T

The Falken SINCERA SN201 A/S consistently provides all-season performance and comfort through an advanced manufacturing process, cutting-edge product features and quality construction. The tire is designed for compact and mid-size vehicles and delivers superb all-weather responsiveness and excellent durability at an exceptional value. The SN201 A/S is engineered to meet and exceed all critical touring tire expectations and is available in 14"-18" rim diameters.

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Sincera SN201AS

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Treadlife Warranty

Sincera SN201 65,000 miles

Uniformity Warranty

First 1/32" of wear

Workmanship Materials Warranty

5 Years from date of production. Free replacement first 2/32" of wear, then prorated until 2/32" remaining depth (2)

Manufacturers Road Hazard Warranty

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Manufacturer Special Warranty

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