Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter

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185/60R14 (BW) 015063 600-A-A82 H
175/65R15 (BW) 015046 600-A-A84 H
185/55R15 (BW) 015386 600-A-A82 H
185/60R15 (BW) 014791 600-A-B84 T
185/65R15 (BW) 015080 600-A-A88 H
195/55R15 (BW) 015403 600-A-A85 H
195/60R15 (BW) 015114 600-A-A88 H
195/65R15 (BW) 015131 600-A-A91 H
205/60R15 (BW) 015165 600-A-A91 H
205/65R15 (BW) 015199 600-A-A94 H
205/70R15 (BW) 014808 600-A-B96 T
215/60R15 (BW) 015233 600-A-A94 H
215/70R15 (BW) 014910 600-A-B98 T
195/50R16 (BW) 000107 600-A-A84 H
195/55R16 (BW) 015097 600-A-A87 H
205/50R16 (BW) 015420 600-A-A87 H
205/55R16 (BW) 015148 600-A-A91 H
205/60R16 (BW) 015182 600-A-A92 H
205/65R16 (BW) 023240 600-A-A95 H
215/55R16 (BW) 015488 600-A-A93 H
215/60R16 (BW) 015369 600-A-A95 V
215/60R16 (BW) 015029 600-A-B95 T
215/65R16 (BW) 014859 600-A-B98 T
225/60R16 (BW) 015607 600-A-A98 H
225/65R16 (BW) 015335 600-A-A100 H
225/70R16 (BW) 014961 600-A-B103 T
235/60R16 (BW) 014978 600-A-B100 T
235/65R16 (BW) 014995 600-A-B103 T
205/50R17 (BW) 015437 600-A-A89 V
215/45R17 (BW) 015454 600-A-A87 V
215/50R17XL (BW) 015471 600-A-A95 V
215/55R17 (BW) 015505 600-A-A94 V
215/60R17 (BW) 014825 600-A-B96 T
215/65R17 (BW) 014876 600-A-B99 T
225/45R17 (BW) 015522 600-A-A91 V
225/50R17 (BW) 015556 600-A-A94 V
225/55R17 (BW) 015590 600-A-A97 V
225/60R17 (BW) 015284 600-A-A99 H
225/65R17 (BW) 014944 600-A-B102 T
235/45R17XL (BW) 015624 600-A-A97 H
235/55R17 (BW) 015641 600-A-A99 H
235/60R17 (BW) 015352 600-A-A102 H
235/65R17 (BW) 015012 600-A-B104 T
215/55R18 (BW) 015216 600-A-A95 H
225/45R18XL (BW) 015539 600-A-A95 V
225/50R18 (BW) 014927 600-A-B95 T
225/60R18 (BW) 015301 600-A-A100 H
235/45R18 (BW) 001814 600-A-A94 V
235/55R18 (BW) 015658 600-A-A100 V

The Firestone Champion tire with Fuel Fighter Technology comes with a long 115,000 kilometre tread wear limited warranty* – the best of any Firestone tire on the market today. And of course Champion is a reliable all-season tire, so you also get a comfortable ride in wet and dry conditions. On top of it all, this tire is designed for fuel efficiency to help save you money.

  • LONGER TREADWEAR: New tread compound and optimized footprint.
  • FUEL EFFICIENCY: All-new construction optimized for low rolling-resistance to increase fuel-efficiency, as compared to the Firestone Affinity Touring tire.
  • DEPENDABLE ALL-SEASON PERFORMANCE: Dependable performance in wet, dry, and snowy conditions. New Tread Pattern with full-depth features.

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Champion Fuel Fighter

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