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One of the most iconic American cars, the Ford Mustang was originally introduced in 1963, as a prototype, to gauge the public's interest. As it turned out, people loved the Mustang! The popularity of Ford's Mustang inspired a new class of American cars - the "pony car." The pony car is a performance-oriented coupe with a long hood, short rear deck, an extra kick of style and affordability. Given the popularity of this American classic, it's no surprise that the Mustang has been continuously manufactured since the 60s. A variety of changes have been made to its style over the years, and the Mustang is currently in its sixth generation.

Whether your mustang is a daily driver or a high-performance star at the track, 1010TIRES.COM can help you find the right pair of tires for your Ford Mustang. You can use the Uniform Tire Quality Grading system to evaluate and compare different tires for your Ford Mustang based on treadwear, traction and temperature ratings. You can find these ratings on the sidewalls of most tires, although these ratings do not apply to winter tires. You can learn more about these ratings on our 1010TIRES.COM Tire & Wheel Tech pages. You can also search through thousands of unbiased tire reviews to find the best value and performance on new tires for your Ford Mustang on 1010TIRES.COM.

Fun facts about the Ford Mustang:

  • Wilson Pickett's 1966 song, Mustang Sally, is about a man who buys a Ford Mustang for an ungrateful girlfriend.

  • Remember Steve McQueen's 1968 film Bullit? A 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 was the star of the film's famous chase scene.

  • The Mustang was Ford's most successful vehicle since the Model A.

  • The Mustang has starred in two James Bond films.

  • The Ford Mustang made its first appearance on the racetrack as a pacecar for the 1964 Indianapolis 500.

  • The Mustang is the world's most-liked car on Facebook!