Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max

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215/70R16 (BSW) 755205383 600-A-B99 T

225/70R16 (BSW) 755281383 600-A-B103 T
235/70R16 (BSW) 755206383 600-A-B106 T
245/70R16 (BSW) 755762383 600-A-B107 T
245/75R16 (BSW) 755298383 600-A-B111 T

255/70R16 (BSW) 755276383 600-A-B111 T
265/70R16 (BSW) 755317383 600-A-B112 T

265/75R16 (BSW) 755292383 600-A-B116 T
225/65R17 (BSW) 755667383 600-A-B102 H
235/60R17 (BSW) 755032383 600-A-B102 T
245/65R17 (BSW) 755228383 600-A-B107 T
245/70R17 (BSW) 755056383 600-A-B108 T

265/65R17 (BSW) 755338383 600-A-B112 T
265/70R17 (BSW) 755501383 600-A-B113 T

235/55R18 (BSW) 755339383 600-A-B100 V
235/60R18 (BSW) 755625383 600-A-B102 H
235/65R18 (BSW) 755342383 600-A-B106 T

245/60R18 (BSW) 755385383 600-A-B105 T
255/55R18 (BSW) 755647383 600-A-B109 H
255/70R18 (BSW) 755612383 600-A-B112 T

265/60R18 (BSW) 755582383 600-A-B110 H
265/65R18 (VSB) 755664383 600-A-B112 T
265/70R18 (BSW) 755352383 600-A-B116 T

225/55R19 (BSW) 755635383 600-A-B99 H

245/55R19 (BSW) 755386383 600-A-B103 T

GoodYear´s best tire for enhanced fuel savings plus confident traction in changing weather conditions.

  • Dual aqua channels propel water off the tread and away from the tire.
  • Center wet zone provides enhanced traction in wet and light snow conditions.
  • Outer dry zone enhances handling and grip for confident maneuvering.
  • Reinforced construction handles a variety of vehicle weights.
  • Cavity shape is optimized to maintain enhanced contact patch at various loads.
  • Tread design is adapted to meet the needs of CUVs and SUVs.

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Assurance CS Fuel Max

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Warranty summary for replacement tires purchased on or after 01/Aug/2016

Treadlife Warranty

Assurance® CS Fuel Max® 65,000 mi

Uniformity Warranty

1 Year / first 2/32" wear

Workmanship Materials Warranty

6 Years / Free replacement first year or 2/32" of wear, then prorated until 2/32" remaining depth

Manufacturers Road Hazard Warranty

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Manufacturer Special Warranty

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