Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 ROF

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225/40R18 (BL) 784208359 240-AA-A88 Y

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225/40R18XL (BL) 784806359 240-AA-A92 W
245/35R18 (BL) 784238359 240-AA-A88 Y

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225/40R19 (BL) 784044359 240-AA-A89 Y
225/40R19XL (BL) 784182359 240-AA-A93 Y
245/35R19XL (BL) 784140359 240-AA-A93 Y

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255/35R19 (BL) 784054359 240-AA-A92 Y
245/40R20 (BL) 784117392 240-AA-A99 Y
245/40R20XL (BL) 784117359 240-AA-A99 Y
275/35R20XL (BL) 784118392 240-AA-A102 Y

Sold Out

275/35R20XL (BL) 784118359 240-AA-A102 Y

Our best tire for ultra high performance driving in summer months, built for responsive handling & control in both dry & wet conditions.

  • A new tread compound with motorsport resins helps provide superior dry handling
  • Lightweight, racing-derived construction helps reduce unsprung mass for enhanced steering precision and handling
  • Active braking technology offers enhanced stopping power on wet and dry roads
  • Advanced tread block pattern helps reduce excessive road noise

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Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 ROF

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