Hankook Ventus R-S4 (Z232)

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195/50R15 (BW ) 1021829 200-AA-A86 W

225/45ZR15 (BW ) 1020362 200-AA-A87 W

245/40ZR15 (BW ) 1020386 200-AA-A88 W

205/45ZR16 (BW ) 1020363 200-AA-A87 W

205/55ZR16 (BW ) 1021246 200-AA-A91 W

225/50ZR16 (BW ) 1020364 200-AA-A92 W

215/45ZR17 (BW ) 1020365 200-AA-A87 W

225/45ZR17 (BW ) 1020366 200-AA-A94 W

235/45ZR17 (BW ) 1020367 200-AA-A94 W

245/40ZR17 (BW ) 1020368 200-AA-A91 W

255/40ZR17 (BW ) 1020369 200-AA-A98 W

225/40ZR18 (BW ) 1020370 200-AA-A88 W

235/40ZR18 (BW ) 1020371 200-AA-A91 W

245/40ZR18 (BW) 1017189 200-AA-A93 W

255/35ZR18 (BW ) 1020373 200-AA-A90 W

265/35ZR18 (BW ) 1020374 200-AA-A97 W

265/40ZR18 (BW) 1017190 200-AA-A97 W

275/35ZR18 (BW ) 1020376 200-AA-A95 W

275/40ZR18 (BW ) 1020377 200-AA-A99 W

285/35ZR18 (BW ) 1020378 200-AA-A101 W

295/40ZR18 (BW ) 1020379 200-AA-A103 W

225/40ZR19 (BW ) 1020380 200-AA-A89 W

235/35ZR19 (BW ) 1020381 200-AA-A87 W

245/35ZR19 (BW ) 1020382 200-AA-A89 W

275/35ZR19 (BW) 1016062 200-AA-A96 W

305/30ZR19 (BW ) 1020384 200-AA-A102 W

The Ventus R-S4 (Z232) is Hankooks Extreme Performance Summer tire developed for the drivers of sports cars, sports coupes and performance sedans looking for near-motorsports levels of grip for track events, autocross and drifting in a tire that can be driven on the street. Like all summer tires, the Ventus R-S4 is not intended to be serviced, stored nor driven in near- and below-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. The Ventus R-S4 utilizes a new, carbon black and silica high-grip compound molded into a low-void, directional pattern. The wide, continuous center rib creates uninterrupted contact with the road for solid on-center feel and immediate response to steering inputs. Massive outboard shoulder blocks deliver the lateral grip expected for high-g cornering in motorsports events and performance driving, while the chamfered block edges maximize contact with the pavement under load.

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Ventus R-S4 (Z232)

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