Ironman GR906 92582

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Specs: 155/80R13
Product Code: 92582
UTQG: 440-A-A
Speed Rating: T
Load Index: 79
Sidewall: BSW

Availability: Yes

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155/80R13 (BSW) 92582 440-A-A79 T

Every condition can be considered clear if a car is riding on a set of GR 906 tires. The GR 906 offers superior handling in harsh weather thanks to an advanced tread design that enables greater traction and responsiveness in wet conditions. Built using an all-season touring compound, this tire thrives when the going gets tough, delivering lower rolling resistance, substantial stability, and a comfortable ride. It may be an entry-level offering, but the GR 906 has corporate-level benefits with tread elements that minimize noise and increase stability, along with high-density siping that enhances wet and snow traction.

  • High-density siping enhances wet and snow traction.
  • Tread elements minimize road noise, increase stability and aid in traction.
  • Modern symmetric tread design promotes even wear and assured handling.
  • All-season touring compound improves wet surface traction and promotes lower rolling resistance.

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