Kumho Ecsta PS91

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225/40R18XL (BSW) 2167343 260-AA-A92 Y
225/45R18XL (BSW) 2167403 260-AA-A95 Y
235/40R18XL (BSW) 2167333 260-AA-A95 Y

245/35R18XL (BSW) 2167323 260-AA-A92 Y

245/40R18XL (BSW) 2167313 260-AA-A97 Y
245/45R18XL (BSW) 2167303 260-AA-A100 Y

255/35R18XL (BSW) 2167293 260-AA-A94 Y
255/40R18XL (BSW) 2181423 260-AA-A99 Y
265/35R18XL (BSW) 2181433 260-AA-A97 Y

265/40R18XL (BSW) 2167253 260-AA-A101 Y

275/35R18XL (BSW) 2167233 260-AA-A99 Y

225/40R19XL (BSW) 2175413 260-AA-A93 Y
235/35R19XL (BSW) 2160853 260-AA-A91 Y
245/35R19XL (BSW) 2160873 260-AA-A93 Y
245/40R19XL (BSW) 2173253 260-AA-A98 Y
245/45ZR19XL (BSW) 2167373 260-AA-A102 Y

255/35R19XL (BSW) 2160903 260-AA-A96 Y
255/40R19XL (BSW) 2175453 260-AA-A100 Y
265/30R19XL (BSW) 2167263 260-AA-A93 Y

265/35R19XL (BSW) 2160883 260-AA-A98 Y
275/30R19XL (BSW) 2181443 260-AA-A96 Y
275/35R19XL (BSW) 2175433 260-AA-A100 Y

285/30R19XL (BSW) 2160913 260-AA-A98 Y

285/35R19XL (BSW) 2181453 260-AA-A103 Y
295/30R19XL (BSW) 2160893 260-AA-A100 Y

305/30R19XL (BSW) 2176023 260-AA-A102 Y

245/35R20XL (BSW) 2160863 260-AA-A95 Y
245/45R20XL (BSW) 2175463 260-AA-A103 Y
255/35R20XL (BSW) 2167283 260-AA-A97 Y
255/40R20XL (BSW) 2167273 260-AA-A101 Y
265/35R20XL (BSW) 2173263 260-AA-A99 Y

275/35R20XL (BSW) 2167363 260-AA-A102 Y
275/40R20XL (BSW) 2173273 260-AA-A106 Y
295/30R20XL (BSW) 2160923 260-AA-A101 Y
295/35R20XL (BSW) 2167183 260-AA-A105 Y

Developed for the ultimate supercar enthusiast, the Ecsta PS91 delivers a high level of wet and dry handling performance at high speeds on and off the track.


  • A compounded rib tread design increases stability and performance at high speeds.
  • Application of cosmetic racing-flag tread indentations portray an exotic super car image.
  • The C-Cut 3D design enhances block stiffness, providing optimum breaking performance and stability.
  • The 3D dimple design minimizes internal heat which maximizes block durability.
  • The sidewalls racing-inspired checkered design communicates the tires ultra-high performance capabilities.

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Ecsta PS91

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