Nexen CP641

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185/60R13 (BSW) 12440NXK 400-A-A80 H
175/65R14 (BSW) 12469NXK 400-A-A82 H
185/60R14 (BSW) 12472NXK 400-A-A82 H
185/65R14 (BSW) 12452NXK 400-A-A86 H
195/60R14 (BSW) 12427NXK 400-A-A86 H
195/65R14 (BSW) 12491NXK 400-A-A89 H
215/60R14 (BSW) 12484NXK 400-A-A91 H
185/60R15 (BSW) 12473NXK 400-A-A84 H
185/65R15 (BSW) 12436NXK 400-A-A88 H
195/50R15 (BSW) 12463NXK 400-A-A82 V
195/60R15 (BSW) 12420NXK 400-A-A88 H
195/65R15 (BSW) 12437NXK 400-A-A91 H
205/50R15 (BSW) 12455NXK 400-A-A86 V
205/60R15 (BSW) 12441NXK 400-A-A91 H
215/60R15 (BSW) 12475NXK 400-A-A94 H
215/65R15 (BSW) 10676NXK 400-A-A96 H
225/60R15 (BSW) 12480NXK 400-A-A96 H
195/50R16 (BSW) 11560NXK 400-A-A84 V
205/50R16 (BSW) 12456NXK 400-A-A87 V
205/55R16 (BSW) 12404NXK 400-A-A91 V
205/60R16 (BSW) 12474NXK 400-A-A92 H
205/65R16 (BSW) 12466NXK 400-A-A95 H
215/55R16 (BSW) 12468NXK 400-A-A93 V
215/60R16 (BSW) 14309NXK 400-A-A95 V
215/65R16 (BSW) 12478NXK 400-A-A98 H
225/50R16 (BSW) 12407NXK 400-A-A92 V
225/55R16 (BSW) 12406NXK 400-A-A95 V
225/60R16 (BSW) 12481NXK 400-A-A98 H
235/60R16 (BSW) 12482NXK 400-A-A100 H
245/50R16 (BSW) 12454NXK 400-A-A97 V
205/50R17 (BSW) 11102NXK 400-A-A93 V
215/50R17 (BSW) 12479NXK 400-A-A91 V
215/55R17 (BSW) 11103NXK 400-A-A94 V
215/60R17 (BSW) 11098NXK 400-A-A96 H
225/50R17 (BSW) 12457NXK 400-A-A94 V
225/55R17 (BSW) 11105NXK 400-A-A97 V
225/60R17 (BSW) 11106NXK 400-A-A99 H
235/55R17 (BSW) 12497NXK 400-A-A99 V
235/60R17 (BSW) 11107NXK 400-A-A102 H

High Performance Directional

The CP641 for passenger vehicles utilizes a directional tread design offering superior hydroplaning resistance at high-speed driving. The straight wide grooves further enhance driving performance in wet weather, providing excellent drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance. The CP641’s dual center rib increases directional stability, while the optimized sectional design reduces pattern noise.

  • H and V Speed Rated
  • UTQG 400 A A

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Warranty summary for replacement tires purchased on or after 01/Feb/2016

Treadlife Warranty

CP641 55,000

Uniformity Warranty

1 Year / first 2/32" of wear (1)

Workmanship Materials Warranty

6 Years / Free replacement first year, 2/32" then prorated until 2/32" remaining depth (2)

Manufacturers Road Hazard Warranty

See Manufacturer Warranty Brochure

Manufacturer Warranty Brochure

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Manufacturer Special Warranty

3 Year Roadside Assistance

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