Nexen N5000 Plus

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185/60R15 (BW) 15545NXK 600-A-A84 H
185/65R15 (BW) 15542NXK 600-A-A88 H
195/60R15 (BW) 15546NXK 600-A-A88 H
195/65R15 (BW) 15543NXK 600-A-A91 H
205/65R15 (BW) 15544NXK 600-A-A94 H
195/50R16 (BW) 15560NXK 600-A-A84 V
195/55R16 (BW) 15555NXK 600-A-A87 V
205/50R16 (BW) 15561NXK 600-A-A87 H
205/55R16 (BW) 15556NXK 600-A-A91 H
205/60R16 (BW) 15551NXK 600-A-A92 H
205/65R16 (BW) 15547NXK 600-A-A95 H
215/55R16XL (BW) 15557NXK 600-A-A97 H
215/60R16 (BW) 15552NXK 600-A-A95 H
215/65R16 (BW) 15548NXK 600-A-A98 H
225/55R16 (BW) 15559NXK 600-A-A95 H
225/60R16 (BW) 15553NXK 600-A-A98 H
225/65R16 (BW) 15549NXK 600-A-A100 H
235/60R16 (BW) 15554NXK 600-A-A100 H
235/65R16 (BW) 15550NXK 600-A-A103 H
205/40R17 (BW) 15578NXK 600-A-A80 H
205/45R17XL (BW) 15573NXK 600-A-A88 V
205/50R17XL (BW) 15569NXK 600-A-A93 V
215/45R17 (BW) 15574NXK 600-A-A87 H
215/50R17XL (BW) 15570NXK 600-A-A95 V
215/55R17 (BW) 15566NXK 600-A-A94 V
215/60R17 (BW) 15563NXK 600-A-A96 H
215/65R17 (BW) 15562NXK 600-A-A99 H
225/45R17 (BW) 15575NXK 600-A-A91 H
225/50R17 (BW) 15571NXK 600-A-A94 H
225/55R17XL (BW) 15567NXK 600-A-A101 V
225/60R17 (BW) 15564NXK 600-A-A99 H
235/45R17 (BW) 15576NXK 600-A-A94 H
235/50R17 (BW) 15572NXK 600-A-A96 H
235/55R17 (BW) 15568NXK 600-A-A99 H
235/60R17 (BW) 15565NXK 600-A-A102 H
245/40ZR17XL (BW) 14469NXK 560-A-A95 W
245/45R17 (BW) 15577NXK 600-A-A95 H
215/45R18XL (BW) 15586NXK 600-A-A93 V
215/55R18 (BW) 15581NXK 600-A-A95 H
225/40R18 (BW) 15589NXK 600-A-A88 H
225/45ZR18XL (BW) 14483NXK 560-A-A95 W
225/50R18 (BW) 15583NXK 600-A-A95 H
225/55R18 (BW) 15582NXK 600-A-A98 H
225/60R18 (BW) 15579NXK 600-A-A100 H
235/40R18XL (BW) 15590NXK 600-A-A95 H
235/45R18 (BW) 15587NXK 600-A-A94 V
235/50R18 (BW) 15584NXK 600-A-A97 V
235/60R18 (BW) 15580NXK 600-A-A103 H
245/40R18XL (BW) 15591NXK 600-A-A97 H
245/45R18XL (BW) 15588NXK 600-A-A100 V
245/50R18XL (BW) 15585NXK 600-A-A104 V
255/35ZR18XL (BW) 14471NXK 560-A-A94 W
265/35ZR18XL (BW) 14472NXK 560-A-A97 W
275/35ZR18XL (BW) 14473NXK 560-A-A99 W
275/40ZR18XL (BW) 14484NXK 560-A-A103 W
235/35ZR19XL (BW) 14485NXK 560-A-A91 W
235/55R19 (BW) 15592NXK 600-A-A101 H
245/35ZR19XL (BW) 14474NXK 560-A-A93 W
245/40ZR19XL (BW) 14486NXK 560-A-A98 W
245/45ZR19XL (BW) 14487NXK 560-A-A102 W
255/40ZR19XL (BW) 14482NXK 560-A-A10 W
265/30ZR19XL (BW) 14475NXK 560-A-A93 W
275/30ZR19XL (BW) 14470NXK 560-A-A96 W
275/35ZR19XL (BW) 14464NXK 560-A-A100 W
275/40ZR19XL (BW) 14477NXK 560-A-A105 Y
225/35ZR20XL (BW) 14478NXK 560-A-A90 W
235/30ZR20XL (BW) 14479NXK 560-A-A88 W
245/35ZR20XL (BW) 14480NXK 560-A-A95 W
245/40ZR20XL (BW) 14481NXK 560-A-A99 W
245/45ZR20XL (BW) 14488NXK 560-A-A103 W
255/35ZR20XL (BW) 14465NXK 560-A-A97 W
275/30ZR20XL (BW) 14476NXK 560-A-A97 W
285/30ZR20XL (BW) 14466NXK 560-A-A99 W
245/30ZR22XL (BW) 14467NXK 560-A-A92 W
265/30ZR22XL (BW) 14468NXK 560-A-A97 W
295/25ZR22XL (BW) 14489NXK 560-A-A97 W

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N5000 Plus

Warranty summary for replacement tires purchased on or after 01/Feb/2016

Treadlife Warranty


Uniformity Warranty

1 Year / first 2/32" of wear (1)

Workmanship Materials Warranty

6 Years / Free replacement first year, 2/32" then prorated until 2/32" remaining depth (2)

Manufacturers Road Hazard Warranty

See Manufacturer Warranty Brochure

Manufacturer Warranty Brochure

Download Brochure (PDF)

Manufacturer Special Warranty

3 Year Roadside Assistance

Special Notes:

Warranty information provided may be innacurate, or may be out of date. Please see official manufacturer's warranty brochure for specific details.

New vehicle Original Equipment tire warranties often differ from those covering replacement tires. Consult your vehicle documents to confirm Original Equipment tire warranty coverage.

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