Nitto Crosstek 2

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225/75R16XL 452470 620-A-B106 S
235/70R16XL 452210 620-A-B107 T
235/75R16XL 452640 620-A-B109 T
245/70R16 452220 620-A-B106 T
245/75R16XL 452320 620-A-B112 S
255/65R16 452330 620-A-B106 T
255/70R16XL 452240 620-A-B112 T
265/70R16 452200 620-A-B112 T
265/75R16 452190 620-A-B114 T
225/60R17XL 452700 500-A-A103 H
225/65R17XL 452500 500-A-A106 H
235/55R17XL 452520 500-A-A103 H
235/65R17XL 452390 620-A-B108 T
235/70R17XL 452480 620-A-B108 T
235/75R17 452430 620-A-B108 T
LT235/80R17 452300  120 R
245/65R17 452250 620-A-B105 S
245/70R17 452270 620-A-B108 T
LT245/75R17 452310  0 R
255/65R17XL 452570 620-A-B114 T
265/65R17 452260 620-A-B110 T
265/70R17 452180 620-A-B115 T
LT265/70R17 452280  121 R
LT285/70R17 452600  121 R
235/55R18XL 452460 500-A-A104 V
235/60R18XL 452440 500-A-A107 H
235/65R18XL 452560 620-A-B110 T
245/60R18 452380 500-A-A105 H
255/55R18XL 452620 500-A-A109 H
255/65R18 452370 620-A-B109 S
255/70R18 452550 620-A-B112 T
265/60R18XL 452530 620-A-B114 T
265/65R18 452400 620-A-B112 T
265/70R18 452350 620-A-B114 T
275/65R18 452360 620-A-B116 T
LT275/65R18 452670  123 R
LT275/70R18 452590 620-A-B125 R
235/50R19 452580 500-A-A99 H
235/55R19XL 452450 500-A-A105 V
245/55R19 452540 620-A-B103 T
255/50R19XL 452630 500-A-A107 H
255/55R19XL 452710 500-A-A111 V
255/60R19 452650 620-A-B108 S
235/55R20 452660 500-A-A102 H
245/50R20 452510 500-A-A102 H
255/50R20XL 452690 500-A-A109 H
255/55R20XL 452720 500-A-A110 H
265/50R20XL 452420 620-A-B111 T
275/45R20XL 452680 500-A-A110 H
275/55R20XL 452230 620-A-B117 T
275/60R20 452340 620-A-B114 T
LT275/65R20 452490  126 R
285/45R22XL 452610 620-A-B114 H

The CROSSTEK®2 features three circumferential grooves that channel water away to help the tread maintain road contact. Simulation tests were used to identify tread block and pattern designs that help to provide a stable contact patch and enhanced water evacuation during heavy braking in adverse weather conditions. The tread blocks also feature 3D Multi-Wave Sipes that create additional biting edges for wet traction, but interlocks to help reduce tread flex.

Nitto® CROSSTEK®2’s tread incorporates service indicators to help monitor alignment and treadwear. Keeping you visually informed, these service indicators make proper tire maintenance and rotation issues easily identifiable.
Service indicators are found at 6 positions around the tire on both shoulder ribs. If the service indicators on one side wear faster than the other, the vehicle may need additional servicing. Frequent tire rotation and proper tire maintenance is essential to maximizing the life of your tires.

In addition to a tread pattern designed to minimize noise, the Nitto® CROSSTEK®2 features circumferential grooves with dense serrations on its walls to reduce "pipe resonance noise". Circumferential grooves become a "pipe" when the tire contacts the road surface, and the air in the groove is compressed and released suddenly. This phenomenon also creates the sound in a flute. The serrations on the circumferential groove walls disturb the air flow to help minimize this "pipe resonance noise".

All CROSSTEK®2 sizes are eligible for a mileage warranty. Non-LT metric CROSSTEK®2 sizes with an S or T speed rating are backed by a 60,000 mile limited treadwear warranty. Non-LT metric CROSSTEK®2 sizes with an H or V speed rating are backed by a 50,000 mile limited treadwear warranty. LT-metric CROSSTEK®2 sizes are backed by a 50,000 mile limited treadwear warranty. Please see the Size Lineup chart for each corresponding CROSSTEK®2 pattern to see which limited treadwear warranty applies to your tire size.

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Crosstek 2

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