Pirelli P-Zero (PZ4-Luxury) Run Flat

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225/35R19 (*)(Run Flat) (BSW) 2596100  88 Y
245/45R19 (*)(Run Flat) (BSW) 2544300  98 Y
275/40R19 (*)(Run Flat) (BSW) 2544200  101 Y
245/35R20 (*)(MOE)(Run Flat) (BSW) 2596200  95 Y
275/30R20 (*)(MOE)(Run Flat) (BSW) 2596300  97 Y
275/30R20XL (BMW)(Run Flat) (BSW) 2796900 320-AA-A97 Y
275/35R20 (*)(Run Flat) (BSW) 2631900  102 Y
275/40R20XL Run Flat (BSW) 2618000 320-AA-A106 W
315/35R20XL Run Flat (BSW) 2645200 320-AA-A110 W
245/35R21 (*)(Run Flat) (BSW) 2390300 320-AA-A96 Y
245/40R21XL (BMW)(Run Flat) (BSW) 2618100 320-AA-A100 Y
275/30R21 (*)(Run Flat) (BSW) 2390400  98 Y
275/35R21XL (BMW)(Run Flat) (BSW) 2618200 320-AA-A103 Y

The custom-made tire for the next generation of cars, designed to draw out an even greater range of driving emotions.

  • Customized outer tread design: low noise emission and low rolling resistance achieved by optimized pitch sequence and siping design.
  • Customized inner tread design: superior safety in wet conditions thanks to the high silica content. Better traction and riding comfort with high pitch sequence.
  • Customized tread compound solutions: improved rolling resistance, wet performance and better mileage.

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P-Zero (PZ4-Luxury) Run Flat

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None OR See Qualified Warranty Tires

Uniformity Warranty

1 Year / First 2/32" of wear

Workmanship Materials Warranty

Unlimited Time / Free replacement first year or 2/32" wear, then prorated until 2/32" remaining depth

Manufacturers Road Hazard Warranty

Only for Run-Flat Tires Only (1 Year / First 2/32" wear then prorated)

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