Pirelli Scorpion Verde Run Flat

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235/60R18Run Flat (BSW) 2489900 520 A A103 H
235/60R18Run Flat (BSW) 2489400  103 V

Sold Out

255/55R18Run Flat (BSW) 2298200 400 AA A109 V
235/55R19Run Flat (BSW) 2489700 400 AA A101 V
235/55R19Run Flat (BSW) 2489500 520 A A101 H
255/50R19Run Flat (BSW) 2298100 400 AA A107 W
285/45R19Run Flat (BSW) 2298000 400 AA A111 W
255/45R20Run Flat (BSW) 2789300 400 AA A101 W

Scorpion Verde All Season Green DNA is identified by Pirelli EcoImpact symbols on the sidewall of the tire.

  • Energy™ Efficient - Lower rolling resistance = reduced fuel consumption = reduced CO2 emissions
  • High Mileage - Leading edge technology delivers increased tire life = saving the consumer money
  • Clean Air - Manufactured with HAOF (Highly Aromatic Oil Free) compounds and 8% less raw materials = less impact on the environment

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Scorpion Verde Run Flat

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