Cooper Zeon RS3-A


Price Range:  USD $68.92 to $220.99

All Season

Passenger Cars /All Season/Ultra High Performance

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The RS3-A™ is the latest Ultra High Performance all-season tire within the Cooper performance family. This all-season performance tire provides the driver with a dynamic handling and inspires confidence and control.

  • Advanced Technology Mold Profile. Provides for a square tread footprint which means more tread-to-road contact.
  • Asymmetric Design. Allows for tread pattern tuning. This design allows for cross-rotation which reduces heal-toe wear, promotes even wear, less noise and increased overall read life. More rubber on the outboard tread pattern equals exceptional dry handling and traction. The large outside shoulder and intermediate tread elements increase handling, stability control and ultimate cornering ability. The offset shoulder-to-intermediate grooves and large intermediate tread elements are joined together for stable cornering and noise reduction. Laterally oriented shoulder grooves, uniform element geometry and chamfered edges resist irregular or rapid tread wear. The continuous, solid rib on the outside of the center row of tread elements increases steering response. The inboard tread pattern is optimized for wet and light snow conditions. Two, wide circumferential grooves channel water away from the tire for hydroplane resistance. Even wear is achieved by the laterally oriented shoulder grooves and uniform elements. Winter traction performance is aided by the technical sweeping elliptical groove.
  • 3-D Micro-Gauge Siping. Increases tread element stability, improves handling and tire control while reducing the possibility of stone retention. 3-D dimple sipes with interlocking geometry provide more sipe depth without sacrificing tread element stability. The 3-D dimple sipes are used in the center, intermediate and shoulder elements and provide increased length and more road biting edges as the pattern wears for maximum wet and light snow traction.
  • Silica Formulated Tread Compound. Designed for exceptional all-season driving performance.

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Cooper Zeon RS3-A
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Worst tires I’ve ever purchased. I read the negative reviews and dismissed them as either being installed on low quality vehicles or the driver. Upon installing these they are noisy right off the bat. I got used to it. Within 11 months (25,000km) the noise has doubled the tredwear is terrible and in winter I lost control almost all the time in my AWD car even when going slowly on the off ramp of the highway. They suck and I’ve had to drop $890 on new Continental DWS06 tires which have amazing reviews. I reached out to cooper and they refused to help or honor any warranty referring me back to my dealer. If you do one thing in life do yourself a favor and stay away from cooper especially these tires at all costs as the negative Reviews are 100% true. I will never buy cooper again! Saving $300 cost me just about $900 with only 11 months of highway driving. I am butt hurt big time.

Size: 225/45R17

Vehicle: 2014 Mercedes-Benz C300 4 Dr Sedan 4Matic Sport with 25000 KM of Tire Wear

Anonymous made this review on 8/31/2018 and is a Aggressive Driver (Hard Cornering)

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