Toyo Observe GSi-6 HP

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Winter Winter
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195/50R16 (BLK) 142820  84 H

195/55R16 (BLK) 142760  87 H

205/55R16XL (BLK) 142590  94 H

215/55R16XL (BLK) 142610  98 H

205/50R17XL (BLK) 142660  93 H

215/45R17XL (BLK) 142690  91 H

215/50R17XL (BLK) 142670  95 H

215/55R17XL (BLK) 142600  98 H

225/45R17XL (BLK) 142640  95 H

225/50R17 (BLK) 142630  94 H

225/55R17 (BLK) 142620  97 H

235/45R17XL (BLK) 142740  97 H

235/50R17 (BLK) 142880  96 V

245/45R17XL (BLK) 142860  99 H

225/40R18XL (BLK) 142680  92 V

225/45R18XL (BLK) 142650  95 V

225/50R18XL (BLK) 142720  99 V

235/40R18XL (BLK) 142810  95 V

235/45R18XL (BLK) 142750  98 V

245/40R18XL (BLK) 142700  97 V

245/45R18XL (BLK) 142710  96 V

245/50R18XL (BLK) 142780  104 V

245/55R18 (BLK) 142730  103 V

255/40R18XL (BLK) 142890  99 V

225/40R19XL (BLK) 142830  93 V

235/40R19XL (BLK) 142850  96 V

235/45R19 (BLK) 142840  95 V

245/40R19XL (BLK) 142790  98 V

245/45R19XL (BLK) 142770  102 V

255/35R19XL (BLK) 142800  96 V

255/40R19XL (BLK) 142870  100 V

The Toyo Observe GSi-6 HP is a designed for the toughest winter conditions featuring Microbit studless technology. The high performance rated sizes are ideal for passenger cars, sport coupes and some sport SUVs. Significant performance improvements over its predecessor have been achieved using the latest technology. The result is a tire that performs better in snow and ice, with a significant improvement on cold wet roads.

Directional Tread Pattern
  • A directional tread design with staggered tread blocks maximizes traction and handling while improving ride comfort by reducing road noise.
  • Serrated Stability Rib
  • A continuous centre rib adds stability during highway driving or when changing lanes.
  • A unique serrated design digs into deep snow and slush for better cold weather traction.
  • Split Offset Shoulder Blocks
  • Large outer blocks on the outside shoulder add stability to the tire as well as grabbing power in deep snow.
  • High Density 3D Sipes
  • Toyo’s Multi Wave 3D siping provides for more edge effect while ensuring the blocks remain firmer while braking, cornering or accelerating. This improves performance and reduces the risk of irregular wear.
  • Plow Edge
  • A sharp angled leading edge adds edge grip on snow and ice and helps move slush away from the center of the tire.
  • Micobit Technology
  • Crushed walnut shells embedded in the tire tread compound dig and bite into the ice surface for improved traction.
  • Large Inner Blocks With Sae Toothed Edges
  • Larger inner blocks are tied together to add stability at highway speeds.
  • While the saw-tooth edges around the block add biting grip in deep snow and slush covered roads.
  • Tapered Evacuation Grooves
  • Tapered evacuation grooves quickly move the water or slush away from the center of the tire to reduce the risk of hydroplaning or getting caught in slushy rutted roads.
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    Observe GSi-6 HP

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