Toyo Proxes R888R

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185/60R13 (BSW) 103180 100-AA-A80 V
205/60R13 (BSW) 103200 100-AA-A86 V
195/50R15 (BSW) 102740 100-AA-A82 V
195/55R15 (BSW) 103520 100-AA-A85 V
205/50ZR15 (BSW) 103210 100-AA-A86 W
225/50ZR15 (BSW) 103510 100-AA-A91 W
195/50ZR16 (BSW) 103500 100-AA-A84 W
205/45ZR16 (BSW) 103800 100-AA-A83 W
205/50ZR16 (BSW) 103810 100-AA-A87 W
225/45ZR16 (BSW) 103530 100-AA-A89 W
205/40ZR17 (BSW) 103540 100-AA-A80 W
215/45ZR17 (BSW) 103390 100-AA-A87 W
225/45ZR17 (BSW) 103400 100-AA-A91 W
235/40ZR17 (BSW) 103410 100-AA-A90 W
235/45ZR17 (BSW) 103860 100-AA-A94 W
255/40ZR17 (BSW) 103880 100-AA-A94 W
225/40ZR18 (BSW) 102700 100-AA-A92 Y
235/40ZR18 (BSW) 103420 100-AA-A91 Y
245/40ZR18 (BSW) 103870 100-AA-A93 Y
255/35ZR18 (BSW) 103830 100-AA-A90 Y
265/35ZR18 (BSW) 104250 100-AA-A93 Y
275/35ZR18 (BSW) 104260 100-AA-A95 Y
295/30ZR18 (BSW) 104270 100-AA-A98 Y
235/35ZR19 (BSW) 103840 100-AA-A91 Y
265/30ZR19 (BSW) 104240 100-AA-A89 Y
295/30ZR19 (BSW) 104280 100-AA-A100 Y
305/30ZR19 (BSW) 104290 100-AA-A102 Y
285/35ZR20 (BSW) 104150 100-AA-A100 Y
315/30ZR20 (BSW) 104300 100-AA-A101 Y

The Proxes R888R is Toyo Tires’ New competition radial that has been developed to provide highly competitive dry handling capabilities with maximum lateral grips for various racing activities and track day events. With an improved Fast warm-up tread compound and predictable steering characteristics, the Proxes R888R greatly enhances its racing capabilities and delivers quicker lap times

  • High Grip Race Compound: Reaches optimal operating temperature quickly and provides consistent performance.
  • Large Tread Blocks: Large tread blocks on the outside tread maximizes lateral grip for improved cornering
  • Wide Center Rib: Improves directional stability and precise steering response.
  • Larger Contact Patch: The R888R has a larger contact patch compared to it is R888 predecessor improving dry traction in braking, acclerating, and cornering

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Proxes R888R

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