Westlake SL309

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All Season All Season
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LT215/75R15 (BSW) 22264004  100 Q
LT235/75R15 (BSW) 22260023  104 Q
LT215/85R16 (BSW) 22860014  115 Q
LT225/75R16 (BSW) 22265015  115 Q
LT235/85R16 (BSW) 22270033  120 Q
LT245/75R16 (BSW) 22275034  120 Q
LT265/75R16 (BSW) 22279030  123 Q
LT285/75R16 (BSW) 22789010  122 Q
LT235/80R17 (BSW) 22275603  120 Q
LT245/75R17 (BSW) 22275503  121 Q
LT265/70R17 (BSW) 22810003  121 Q
LT285/70R17 (BSW) 22688006  121 Q
LT275/65R18 (BSW) 22687002  123 Q
LT31X10.50R15 (BSW) 22285018  109 Q

The WESTLAKE SL309’s all-season light truck tire was developed for anyone who works hard for a living. Designed for vans, pickups, SUVs, as well as commercial light truck applications, these tires combine all-season traction and heavy-duty load range capabilities. The SL309s deliver a smooth quiet ride along with traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions. Get a set of tires that work as hard as you do—get WESTLAKE SL309s.

  • All-season, all-purpose tread pattern adaptable to a variety of road conditions
  • Steel belted construction for durability and performance
  • Multi-siped patterned tread shoulder pattern efficiently disperses water for better traction
  • Variable pitch tread blocks improve traction while minimizing road noise

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