Zeta Antarctica Ice MS Studded

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Winter Winter
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175/65R14 (BSW) WZT1756514XS  82 T
185/65R14 (BSW) WZT1856514XS  86 T
185/60R15XL (BSW) WZT1856015XS  88 T
185/65R15 (BSW) WZT1856515XS  88 T
195/60R15 (BSW) WZT1956015XS  88 T
195/65R15XL (BSW) WZT1956515XS  95 T
205/55R16 (BSW) WZT2055516XS  91 T
205/60R16 (BSW) WZT2056016XS  92 T
215/60R16XL (BSW) WZT2156016XS  99 T
215/65R16XL (BSW) WZT2156516XS  102 T
225/60R16XL (BSW) WZT2256016XS  102 T
215/55R17 (BSW) WZT2155517XS  94 T
225/45R17XL (BSW) WZT2254517XS  94 H
225/50R17XL (BSW) WZT2255017XS  98 H
225/55R17 (BSW) WZT2255517XS  97 T
225/40R18XL (BSW) WZT2254018XS  92 H
245/45R18XL (BSW) WZT2454518XS  100 H

New generation studdable winter tire.
Specially developped soft compound with silica tread; good combination of winter properties with optimal wet and dry performance.
Utilized #8-11, double-flangestuds enables safer driving behavior.
Certified snowflake symbol.

  • Specially developped winter tire for use in the most harsh conditions.
  • Balanced tread profile provide excellent driving characteristics and shorter braking distance.
  • Optimum high-density sipes and pitch arrangement gives superior water drainage and snow removal.

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Antarctica Ice MS Studded

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